The best YouTube video downloader for Android 2017

You probably would have tried several Android video downloader apps but later found that they were all crap as for some reasons YouTube does not allow downloading content and that is the reason why you won’t find any apps in Play Store.

But what if you would like to download your favorite videos from YouTube so that you can later watch it offline on your Android? Well, in that case, I have got a perfect solution for you, let me reveal my favorite free YouTube video downloader app for Android that is actually working when it comes to downloading videos from YouTube.

Today one of my cousin, who is studying medical asked me to help him in finding the best app for YouTube videos so that he can download medical videos on his Smartphone.

As usual, I went to Google and started searching for apps and found many apps claiming to be the best youtube video downloader but in reality, they were even not functioning. I thought Xda-developers forum would have a working app, I found one over here, but it’s not working may be that it is an old app, which is no longer supported by the developer as over the years YouTube have released many updates to its API.

My search does not end here, I even tried the most popular one, which is called Tubemate but that turns out be not working for me, giving some server errors.

Finally, I found my favorite app to download videos from YouTube.

FVDTube is the best YouTube downloader for Android. I bet that you’ll love this app from the moment you install it on your Smartphone or tablet. This app has simple and easy to use user-interface so that you can easily download your favorite videos from YouTube.

FVDTube helps you download videos in many formats as you like in terms of quality and screen resolution. Unlike many other apps on the web, this Youtube downloader for Android also allows multiple videos downloading simultaneously.

How to Download and Install Downloader:

YouTube video downloader app for Android

Given below is the direct link to download the apk file and I have made a step-by-step video tutorial showing you exactly how to install and use it download videos from YouTube using FVDTube app.

This is definitely of one of my favorite apps and I hope you like it. Do let us know in the comment section below if you do have other apps doing the same work efficiently.