Yahoo approves 1.1 Billion Dollars to Buy Tumblr

Yahoo Now wants to acquire Tumblr

Yahoo and Tumblr logo

The Tumblr and Yahoo

Yahoo one of  the most popular Web Portal and Search engines now aims high to buy the  popular social Website Tumblr for an enormous amount of 1.1 Billion $, reported by AllThingsD. Remember Yahoo also tried in 2007 to buy the most popular social networking site on the earth “Facebook” but they were not lucky at that time lets see of they are now successful in buying this big deal.

The logo of Tumblr


About Yahoo

Yahoo was established in 1994 by the Jerry Yang and David Filo. According to some sources about 700 millions people from around the world uses this service per month. Yahoo provide many services like Web Directories, Yahoo Mail, Flickr, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Groups and Yahoo Answers are its most popular services and they want to expand their services day by day to buy other big popular networks. You can Learn more about here Tumblr and Yahoo.