How to Upload Videos to Youtube Using Youtube Capture App for iPhone&iPad

Youtube no doubt is an amazing place to share your videos publicly. It can be funny, Education, Technology, Fashion or whatever! Even you can find tutorials for many of your problems to sort out. I myself have learned a lot of many things from Youtube. With that i have uploaded some education purpose videos as well.

Normally on your iPhone or any iOS device, when you browse through the Official App for iPhone, it only lets you watch the videos, By default it does not let you to upload videos to your Youtube account, and then obviously you have to use your PC to upload videos to your channel. That may be annoying for you, the same case was with me, but thanks to the developers now they have released an app, called ‘Youtube Capture‘ which lets you Upload videos to your Youtube account from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

The app is simple and easy to use, I will guide you how you can use this app to upload videos to your account from iPhone, iPad or any iOS device.

How to Upload Videos to your Youtube account using the YouTube Capture on iPhone, iPad

1. First go to iTunes and download the free YouTube Capture for your iOS device. [Download Link]

2. After installing the app, Launch the YouTube Capture App.

3. Now it gives you two options, either capture the video or choose from your iPhone. Choose whatever you wish to.

4. Now in the upload screen add your videos description like title and other sharing options.

5. After everything gets completes, hit the share the button on the upper right hand corner.

Hopefully it guide you correctly, if you are still confuse then try to look at the images below which may helpful for you.

Visual Guide to Upload Videos to Youtube Using iPhone or iPad

How to use YouTube Capture to Upload videos to your Youtube Account from iPhone, iPad