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Upgrade your iPhone 4, 3GS without updating the Baseband using Redsn0w

By Imran Aftab / July 2, 2013

You would probably have noticed that whenever you update your iPhone 4 or 3GS its Baseband also gets updated, which then make it difficult for you to unlock it and again use it as a normal iPhone, otherwise you will just have to use it as iPod. Today, i will guide you how to update/upgrade your iPhone 4 and 3GS without upgrading the Baseband. This tutorial actually guides to preserve your iPhone Baseband while you just update your iOS firmware.


How to Update your iPhone 4/3GS without updating Baseband

STEP 1: Once you download Redsn0w and your desire iOS IPSW file, you are ready to go.

STEP 2: Now connect your device to your PC and Launch the Redsn0w Application.

STEP 3: Now click on “Extras” Button.

Launch Redsn0w to Update your iPhone 4 without updating BasebandSTEP 4: Click on “Even More” Button.

Redsn0w: Even MoreSTEP 5: Further Click on “Restore” Button.

Redsn0w: Restore iPhone 4 or 3GSSTEP 6: Now here you need to click on “Select IPSW” Button and select your Firmware IPSW File.

Redsn0w: Select IPSWSTEP 7: Here Redsn0w will pop up a message asking you toPrevent Baseband from being Updated“, Click on yes.

Redsn0w: Prevent Baseband from being Updated, Say YesSTEP 8: After step 7, you are required to Pawned DFU Mode your Device. Click on Ok Button to proceed.

Redsn0w: Enter into Pawned DFU ModeSTEP 9: Now here you need to Turn Off your iPhone, and click on the next button.

Redsn0w: Click Next to Enter DFU ModeSTEP 10: Here Redsn0w will guide you, How to DFU Mode your iPhone.

Redsn0w: How to DFU mode on iPhone Redsn0w: How to DFU Mode Redsn0w: DFU Mode instructionsSTEP 11: Once your device is in DFU Mode, Redsn0w will detect your iPhone 4 or 3GS and Exploiting with Limera1n. Here you need to have some patience while Redsn0w do all the processing for you. Once the Restore is completed, Redsn0w will give you a successful message.

Redsn0w: Exploiting Limera1nCongrats you have successfully updated your iPhone 4 or 3GS without updating your Baseband. If you do have any query/suggestion and appreciation, let us know in the comment box.

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