How to Unlock Google Nexus 10 Bootloader

Howto - Unlock Google Nexus 10 Bootloader

Nexus 10

Nexus devices do come with locked Bootloader and in order to install Custom Recoveries, Root access or Install Custom ROM’s to enhance your device performance, first you need to Unlock Bootloader on Google Nexus 10. Unlocking Bootloader on Nexus devices is really easy, it just requires 1 or 2 minutes to do it. If you’re looking for a safe way, How to Unlock Google Nexus 10 Bootloader, then you’re on the right place, I’ll guide you step by step, instructions how to do it successfully and safely without any errors.

Before we move on, I would recommend you, to first of all, read the guidelines and prerequisites, before you go further;

  • The first moment you, Unlocked Bootloader on your Nexus, you void its warranty.
  • Also Unlocking Bootloader, wipe/erases all your data, therefore it is necessary that your Backup your all data. You may find these Backup Apps  helpful.
  • The most important part, you also need to Setup the Android SDK or ADB&Fastboot on your PC. If  you don’t know, how to do it; Learn Here
  • After you setup Android SDK, Now Enable USB Debugging on your Nexus 10. Don’t know? Click Here
  • It is also necessary that you’ve enough charge on your Nexus 10, 70% is recommended.
  • Last but not the least, You’re doing this at your own risk.

Once you follow the above mentioned guidelines and setup Android SDK on your PC, Now you’re ready to Unlock Bootloader on your Nexus 10.

Instructions – How to Unlock Google Nexus 10 Bootloader

1. First of all, You need to reboot your device into Bootloader Mode, for that follow these instructions:

  • Switch-Off your Nexus 10
  • Now Press the Volume Down+Volume Up+Power Button at the same time until you see the Bootloader menu.
  • After that you can connect your Nexus 10 to your PC via Cable.

2. Now on your Windows PC, press Windows logo+R from your keyboard and type ‘CMD‘.

3. Now we need to ensure that we’ve correctly setup Fastboot or Android SDK on your PC. For that type the following in the command windows:

fastboot devices

4. After entering the command, you should see, your device ID, otherwise, check that you’ve correctly setup the fastboot, you can then follow the instructions further.

5. Now to start Unlocking Bootloader process on Nexus 10, type the following in the command windows:

fastboot oem unlock 

6. On your device, you should see the warning message, that you’re going to unlock Bootloader, just read warning message, and using your Volume and power button to select your choice.

Now just reboot your Google Nexus 10 tablet and you’re done. What if you later decided to relock Nexus Bootloader? Then Follow the same instructions, but in step 5instead of “fastboot oem unlock” just write “fastboot oem lock” and you’ll be able to relock Bootloader on your Nexus 10.

That’s it, folks, how easy it was, unlocking Bootloader,  Now you’re ready to Install Custom Recovery, Root and can also install Custom ROM’s on your Nexus 10.

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