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How to Transform Nexus 5 to Sony Xperia Z1

By Imran Aftab / November 13, 2013

I don’t really say that Nexus 5 with Kitkat 4.4 looks odd…But what I know is Xperia is still a way better then other Launcher and Designs. There are alot of more Hd widgets, Walls, etc in the Xperia Z1 pack. And i confirm that many of the Android lovers still prefer Xperia Launchers and widgets due to their user friendly and high graphical user interfacing features.

Coming Back to the point How to really Transform This Display;

lg-google-nexus-5-1INTO THIS;

xperia-Z1-hero-black-1240x840-3c449514e1daf8b0652a5dc235530ebcThis Feature Pack  Offers the following Apps:




3.Walkman Music Player

4.Xperia Album





7.Dlna Server Working


8.SomcSketch app


9.Note & Hd Widgets



1. Xperia Z1 PACK FOR NEXUS 5 Download and copy this pack to Device memory.

2. Power down your phone.

6. Boot your phone into bootloader mode by holding the power and volume up + volume down buttons simultaneously. If this doesn’t automatically take you to the bootloader screen and instead reboots you into Android, power down your phone and try again. It can be a bit tricky.

7.When u reach this point:Step-5

8.Tap to “Install zip from Sd card” and press power button to select it.

9.Locate the Xperia Z1 pack and install…..

10.Congratz reboot now and u are done.

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