Top 5 Mini Browsers for Android Phones

Mini Browsers are very useful for browsing via your Android Phones, and they are capable of making sites compatible and fast browsing for your device which is unlikely, not available on full browsers versions. However, Mini Browsers have a limited number of features available. But if you have got HTC Desire or any smartphone like this, which have low internal memory, then Mini Browsers are originally made for you which takes less space on your device when your surfing. I have selected top 5 mini browsers for Android Users; I am sure you will enjoy browsing through these mini browsers for Android Phones.

1. Opera Mini for Android 2017

Opera Mini: World Fatest Browser for Android Phones

I put Opera Mini on number one for Android devices because it has more than 300 millions users than any other mini browser. It is also the world fastest mini browser for Android Phones with so many features. Its first feature which makes it different is “Fast Browsing” you can surf faster as compare to other   Mini browsers. Secondly, it is very user-friendly, like as if you are browsing via your Desktop. The final point I admire is you can open multiple tabs at a time (Well this is now available in many mini browsers). It also saves money for your data package! How? Opera Mini browsers use the Web Compression Technology which reduces the amount of sent and received data packets and thus saves up to 90% money as compare to other browsers.

2. Dolphin Mini Browser for Android

Top Mini Browsers for Android Devices

Dolphin Browser Mini

You heard this Mini Browser name for the first time, but Dolphin Browser Mini is also counted in of the best Mini browser for Android. Like Opera Mini, this App has so many distinguished browsing features. With Elegant Design, Fast Browsing, Multiple Tabs Supported, Simple easy to use is the second on my top Mini Browser for Android list.

3. Boat Browser Mini for Android

Android Mini Browsers: Boat Browser Mini

Boat Browser Mini

With Clear Navigation, User Interface and Clean & Simple Design is third most popular Mini Browser for Android Phones. You can also Browse Private! If you want this browser has this option for you. With so many other features like Download and so on. After using Boat Browser, you will get to know all its features.

4. UC Browser For Android Phones

Hit list of Mini Browser for Android Phones

UC Browser Mini

UC Browser using the U2 kernel to make your browsing more efficient and reliable. You can enjoy fast and smooth browsing experience using UC Browser Mini for Android. With a unique download manager features, which powers you to download quickly and faster on your Android Phone. You must give it a try on your phones to let experience the amazing browsing. Download UCBrowser from here.

5. MiniBrowser Pro for Android

Top Android Mini Browser List: MiniBrowser Pro

Last but not least, MiniBrowser Pro is a premium mini browser for android phones with many great features to make browsing experience to another level. The main feature I admire about the Minibrowser Pro is; the advertisement blocking features which save internet traffic and make fast browsing. With Video download manager you can download any video from web pages around the web.