Tips and Tricks to Save Battery on your Android Phone

Tips and Tricks for Saving your Android Phone Battery

The most common problem among the smartphone is they consume battery very faster. Especially While travelling battery problem can cause you serious problems; therefore i think you need probably need some tips and tricks to save your battery life.  Well I have got some remedies which are I guess effective in saving battery on your Android.

Use the Screen Wisely

Your screen consumes Battery very faster than you think. What should you do is go to Settings>>Display and here you can find many options to save your excess battery consumption. Likewise you can configure Brightness of the Screen to suit your conditions. Also you can make it automatic as you stop using your Android Phone, the screen should go off or just press the power button once you stop using your phone and screen will automatically turn off.

Turn off what you do not use

There are some apps which are being used in the background. If we can turn it off it will also save your android battery.For example WiFi can drain your battery, so whenever you do not use WiFi make sure it is off and Bluetooth if in case it is on.

Control Widgets

There are many useful widgets in Android Phone, which usually runs on your home background like Weather, News and so on. These widgets require constant connection and also processing time and thus consume a lot of our battery. So run these widgets whenever you want to use them, this will help you to save your android battery life.

Find out what is consuming more Battery

Yes you can find, which application or widget consume most of your battery on your Android Phone. It is very easy to find; go to Settings>>About>>Phone>>Battery Use. This will help you to control the applications which eat up your battery quickly and then accordingly you can take action to reduce battery usage.

Less Fun is equal to More Battery

I think this formula will work if in case none of the above works for you! We usually forgets about this step, try not play games or browsing internet on your phone specially when you are travelling.

Do you have any tips to save battery on your Android? If so we would love it!