Download TinyUmbrella

You can download the latest version of TinyUmbrella for iOS 8 devices.

TinyUmbrella, the popular SHSH blobs saving tool for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch has received a mojor update to support iOS 8. You can now easily save SHSH blobs for your iOS device running iOS 8.

When compared to older version, the newest version has improved a lot and with simple user-friendly interface. Whereas in the previous version, some users version were confused, TinyUmbrella has changed a lot.

The picture below shows the latest interface of TinyUmbrella:

TinyUmbrella v8.2.0.60Saving SHSH blobs using the latest version has become more easier. Just connect your iPhone or iPad and launch TinyUmbrella and it will automatically fetch different types of SHSH blobs and stitch into single shsh file.

If wish to downgrade in the future, then leave everything and download TinyUmbrella to save SHSH blobs as it is the only single file that will help you to downgrade your iOS device in the future.

Download links for TinyUmbrella for Mac and Windows OS:

You can learn more about the new added features on the official blog by the developer Semaphore. Do let us know in the comment section, how it goes.