The Brand New Logo of Motorola – A Google Company

Motorola has now become a Google Company, and with that it has released its new look logo which is below:

Brand New Logo of Motorola

As we know Motorola was not moving well in the recent year, and they have not yet released a new product since last year. But acquired by Google and new logo will obviously tell and give you hints that the company might do well in the future. With Google i am pretty sure the company will become more innovative in mobile technologies in the coming years and will be competing against the two market giants Apple and Samsung. The “M” is still used in the logo. If you just look it the new logo of Motorola, the dark image, futuristic and robotic&metallic colors is perfectly suiting the Google environment. One more thing you will notice that the logo is now more colorful than before (Google Colors). The phrase “A Company By Google” clearly states that the company is now owned by Google.