How to Root Google Nexus 10


Nexus 10 tablet

This Android Rooting Tutorial is specifically for Google Nexus 10 tablet. If you do have the same device, that’s fine, you are eligible otherwise, search for your specific device tutorial. Because flashing the wrong file on your device can lead to brick your device.

This will guide you, ‘How to Root Google Nexus 10 using CF Auto Root?‘, thanks to the chainfire for releasing such a great tool, to Root your Nexus 10 within a minute. Before you dive into rooting your nexus device, I will recommend to first read the requirements and precautions in order to successfully root your device.

Things You need to Know before Rooting Google Nexus 10:

  • This will root your device using CF-Auto Root
  • This method will not unlock Bootloader on your Nexus 10.
  • Although it will not unlock bootloader, but it is recommended that you, Backup your important data, if you haven’t Unlock Bootloader already.
  • The most important one, make sure you have configured/Setup Android ADB/Fastboot on your PC. If not LEARN HERE.
  • Also, Enable USB Debugging from your Nexus Settings->Developers Options.
  • You must be aware, that Rooting does void your device warranty.
  • Last but the least, You’re doing this at your own risk.

Hopefully, By now you should’ve understood the above guidelines and have acted upon and most important also you have setup Android SDK on your PC.

Instructions – How to Root Google Nexus 10 using Chainfire CF Auto Root

1. First of all, Download CF-Auto-Root Zip file package for your Nexus 10. [Direct Link]

2. After the download completes, extract it on your Desktop.

3. Now you need to Reboot Nexus 10, into Bootloader Mode, Follow the instructions, Here is how to do it:

  • Switch-Off your Nexus 10
  • Now Press the Volume Up+Volume Down+Power Buttons at the same time.
  • Now keep holding the buttons until you see the START, text or the Bootloader mode options.

4. Now open the extracted folder in step 2, and open the ‘root windows.bat‘ file.

Nexus 10 - root windows.bat file

5. After clicking on the root-windows file, it will launch a new window, just hit any key on your keyboard to start Rooting process for your Nexus 10 tablet and follow the on-screen instructions.

6. After that you should see your tablet will reboot with red logo on its screen, that is normal, don’t worry 🙂 As the process gets completed, your device will reboot itself. Just wait for it reboot normally.

That’s it, By now you’ve successfully rooted Google Nexus 10. To make sure you did it successfully, go to your App drawer and check the SuperSU App should be installed on your Nexus 10. If any case, you do have a problem or any error, let us know in the comment section for more support and help, we’ll help you out.

[Source: XDA Developers]