How To Restore iPad Mini to Default Factory Settings

iPad Mini is brilliant gadget out there by Apple Inc. When Apple for the first time released iPad Mini to the Public market, it did really well and took over many good and well known tablets devices in the market like Android Tablets. iPad mini is filled with a lot of many amazing features. Now come to the main point, How to Restore iPad Mini to Factory Settings or Default? I know there could be two reasons for you to Restore your iPad Mini, First and foremost, You would want to sell it or giveaway to someone and secondly you want your iPad Mini clean and make it default factory settings or whatever your reason! You can Restore your iPad via two methods:

  • From your iPad Settings
  • Using iTunes

Follow the any of the above methods to Restore your iPad Mini to factory settings. Because both will give you the same result and select the method which is easy for you.

Follow the instructions to Restore iPad Mini without Using iTunes [iPad Mini Settings]

STEP 1. To get started, First go to your iPad Mini Settings Tab.

STEP 2. Now head over to General Tab and then tap the “Reset Button” at the bottom.

STEP 3. Now after you tap the Reset button, iPad Mini will then give a number of individuals options to reset settings for specific Applications, But here our main concern is ” Erase All Content and Settings” and go ahead and tap this option to Restore Factory your iPad Mini. Just confirm and let the device to do the rest.

Restore iPad Mini to Factory Settings Using iTunes

STEP 1. First of all, Launch iTunes and connect your iPad Mini to your PC.

STEP 2. Select your device, and hit the Restore Button. After hitting the restore button iTunes will start downloading a new updated Firmware your device and will then prepare restore for your iPad Mini.

Note: If you do not want to update your iPad Firmware (iOS version), then first download your desire firmware and then proceed to press Shift key from your Keyboard and hit the Restore Button.