Apple TV Jailbreak: Jailbreak Apple TV 2 iOS 5.2 Using Sn0wBreeze

How to Jailbreak Your Apple TV 2 using Sn0wBreeze

Follow the steps by step guide to uthether Jailbreak your Apple TV 2 on iOS 5.2 Using Sn0wBreeze.


First of all you need to download the Apple TV iOS 5.2 and Sn0wBreeze V2.9.14 From Here.


Now after your download completes, keep your iOS 5.2 Firmware and extract Sn0wBreeze on your Desktop (Just for your Easyness)


Now Launch the Sn0Breeze Application to start Jailbreaking Apple TV 2.

Sn0wbreeze Start Jailbreak Menu


Click on the Blue Arrow to Continue


Click on Browe for IPSW

Sn0wbreeze Browse IPSW


Select your iOS 5.2 Apple TV 2 Firmware (whereever you have saved)


Sn0wbreeze will now recognize your Apple TV 2 Device. Click on the Arrow to Continue.

Sn0wbreeze IPSW Recognized

STEP 10:

Select “Simple Mode

Sn0wbreeze Simple Mode

STEP 11:

Sn0wBreeze will ask you to set up your root size partition. But I would recommend you to leave as it is and click on continue button.

Sn0wbreeze Root Size Partition

STEP 12:

During this step SnowBreeze will start creating custom IPSW file for Jailbreak. (You have to be patience while Sn0wbreeze creates Custom IPSW).

Sn0wbreeze Starts Creating Custom IPSW

STEP 13:

After completion a message will be pop up saying “After Setting Up you Apple TV, the Screen May Be Blank for 60 Secs” Just click “OK”

Sn0wbreeze Successfull Jailbreak Message

STEP 14:

Sn0wbreeze would now confirm that your Custom IPSW has been created. Just click ok.

Custom IPSW File Successfully Created

STEP 15:

Now Plugin your Micro USB Data Cable into your Apple TV 2 and connect it your PC. (During this you should see LED Light Flash)

Apple TV 2 LED Light Blinking

STEP 16:

After this Sn0wbreeze will guide you How to Enter Dfu Mode on Apple TV 2.To Enter DFU Mode you need to “Hold the Menu and Play/Pause buttons on your Apple TV remote for 7 seconds


How to DFU Mode on Apple TV

Apple TV DFU Mode

How to DFU Mode on Apple TV

How to Enter DFU Mode on Apple TV 2

STEP 17:

Once done IREB will be running to place your Apple TV 2 into PawnedDFUState. It will then ask you that now you can Restore your Custom IPSW via iTunes.

Apple TV 2 Successfully Jailbroken

STEP 18:

Now to Restore Custom IPSW Firmware; Hold the Shift key and Click on “Restore Apple TV”.

Restoring Apple TV 2 via iTunes

STEP 19:

Once it is completed, iTunes will give you give a message that your Apple TV 2 has been successfully Restored. You now can disconnect your device and connect it your TV.

Apple TV 2 Jailbreak