How to take Screenshots on BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry Z10 - How to take screenshots

BlackBerry Z10

Taking screenshots on your Smartphone is something fun and at the same time very useful when you want to share your screen with someone, for example; seeking help, regarding an error or anything you would like to. If you owned BlackBerry Z10, and curious to learn how to capture or take screenshots, then it is the right place to learn.

Well taking screenshots on your Blackberry is really easy, all you have to do is press and hold, 2 combinations of keys. Let’s how to do it:

How to take screenshots on BlackBerry Z10

1. Press and hold the Volume Up/Down keys at the same time, for a about 3 seconds until you hear the shutter sound. That’s it, You’re done. You’ll find your captured Screenshots in your Photo Gallery.

Unlike other Smartphones, when taking screenshot using BlackBerry Z10, it screen really does not flashes, it just produces shutter sound.

Hopefully you would have find this trick, useful for more tips and tricks on your Smartphone, stay tuned to OHGUIDEME.