Try The Easiest Way to Root Motorola Droid Ultra

So you’ve got the Motorola Droid Ultra, the amazing new Android Smartphone, with brilliant specifications, features, and design. Today, I will guide you through the easy step by step instructions, How to Root Motorola Droid Ultra. The method is really simple and easy to implement on your device. Rooting does, unlock its real potential, and gives you many possibilities to enhance the performance of your device as well lets you customize your OS, like Custom ROM’s. And this is the only reason, why I like Android the most :).

Before you proceed to Root Droid Ultra, I want you to first read the guidelines and prerequisites in order to successfully root your device.

Preparing Your Device

  • Rooting your device, will void its warranty.
  • Connecting your device to PC, do requires USB Drivers to be installed on your PC, so make sure you’ve installed the USB Drivers on your Windows PC.
  • Also Setup ADB and Fastboot on your PC. Don’t know how to do it? Click Here to learn using step by step instructions.
  • Enable USB Debugging on your Ultra Droid by going to Settings->Developers Options.
  • Last but not the least, You’re doing this at your own risk. We are not responsible, if by mistake anything goes wrong with your device. (Although it has been tested and proven to be working 100%).


  • Click Here to Download MotoRoot Application.
  • Click Here to Download USB Drivers for your PC.
  • Click Here to Download SuperSU App modified for Motorola Droid Ultra.

How to Root Motorola Ultra Droid Using MotoRoot

1. First of all, make sure you’ve correctly setup ADB and Fastboot on your PC and also the USB drivers. After everything is setup correctly, you can then connect your Droid Ultra to PC using the Data Cable.

2. Now go to START Menu->RUN->and type ‘cmd‘ and hit enter.

3. In the command line window, type the following commands:

adb install -r MotoRoot1.1-Droid.apk

4. After that, type the following command to install SuperSU App on your Droid Ultra:

adb install –r SuperSU-v1.66-xbin.apk

5. That’s it folks, You’ve now installed MotoRoot and SuperSU app on your Motorola Ultra Droid.

6. You can remove your device from the PC, and launch the MotoRoot App on your Droid Ultra.

Droid Ultra Root Method

7. Now just tap the ‘Setup (Will reboot)‘, and your device will get root access, and note that the Droid Ultra will get rebooted.MotoRoot - Root for Motorola Droid Ultra

8. After the root access, you can then also Unroot your Droid Ultra, if you later you decided to Unroot. SuperSU App is also installed and you can just launch, and see if everything is working properly. To make sure you’ve successfully rooted your Motorola Droid Ultra, you can install the ‘Root Checker’ App from Google Play Store, to verify root access.

I think it was one of the easiest ways to get root access on Droid Ultra, and hopefully you’ve learned the whole method, How to Root Motorola Droid Ultra using the MotoRoot App.

[Via:XDA Developers]