How to Root AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 I337 with Motochopper

How to Root AT&T Galaxy S4 I337

Rooting AT&T Galaxy S4

I know you have been anxiously waiting for an easy and simple method to Root your AT&T Galaxy S4! So folks, your wait is now over and you are on the move to Root your Galaxy S4 I337 using the Motochopper, an application developed by an XDA android developer, obviously thanks to the XDA Developers community, who are always ready to invent new, effective and reliable ways to Root your Android easily.

The Guide is only for AT&T Galaxy S4 I337 version, so if you do have any other variant of S4, please do not follow this tutorial. Now before we move on to the instructions to root your Galaxy S4, it is recommended that understand the basic rules of Rooting your Android Phone.

Things you need to know before Rooting AT&T Galaxy S4

Note:This will not work, if you have recently updated your device, What if you have have got AT&T Galaxy S4 Active? Then Try this UPDATED TUTORIAL.

  • Rooting will void your device warranty.
  • It is recommended that you Backup your data.
  • Make sure you have installed the latest usb drivers for Galaxy S4. [Download Link]
  • Also, Enable USB Debugging on your device.
  • Make sure you have enough battery on your device, at least 60% is recommended.
  • Also approve the ADB Connection on your device from PC.

[alert style=”white”]You are doing this at your own Risk!! [/alert]

Instructions to Root Galaxy S4 I337 Using Motochopper

1. First of Download this file and extract on your desktop. [Download Link]

2. Now connect your Galaxy S4 I337 to PC.

3. Now open up the extracted, ‘motochopper‘ folder and execute the ‘run.bat’ file.

Root AT&T Galaxy S4 using Motochopper4. Now you are ready to root AT&T Galaxy S4, in the command window, just hit the Enter button to start rooting process.

5. Now it will take some time depending on your system, to root your device, it will instruct you what do. So follow the on screen instructions.

6. Once it gets completed, it will ask you to press any key to reboot your device. Now once your device boot normally, go to Google Play store and search for ‘Root Checker’ and install it on your device, just to make sure you have successfully root accessΒ  your AT&T Galaxy S4.

That’s it! How easy it was rooting your Galaxy S4 device. Hopefully it went good for you, without any errors. In case you do have queries and confuse at any step let us in the comment section.

[source: XDA]


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