How to Root and Unlock Bootloader on Nvidia SHIELD

Nvidia SHIELD - How to Root and Unlock Bootloader

Nvidia SHIELD, is probably the ultimate gaming and entertainment portable Android device. If you’ve owned this amazing device, probably you’ll be looking forward to Unlock Bootloader and get rooted. Today, I will guide you, using step by step instructions, How to root and unlock bootloader on Nvidia SHIELD.

Before we move on further, It is recommended that you read the guidelines in order to successfully go through all the steps.

  • You should know that, Unlocking Bootloader on your Nvidia Shield, will void your warranty.
  • Also, Unlocking Bootloader erases all data on your device, it is therefore recommended that you Backup your important data, if you do have.
  • Last but not the least, You’re doing this at your own risk!!


  • You need to Setup Android ADB and Fastboot on your PC. Don’t know? Click Here
  • You also need to download and Install Universal Naked Drivers on your PC for Nvidia SHIELD. [Download Link]
  • Also you need to download the ‘Gnurou’s SHIELD Root Github‘. [Download Link]

Once you’ve downloaded all the necessary files, you’re ready to Unlock Bootloader and Root your Nvidia SHIELD.

How to Root and Unlock Bootloader on Nvidia SHIELD

Make sure you’ve installed the universal naked drivers on your PC and also hoping that you’ve properly setup fastboot as well, because settings up these things will make your device ready for unlocking bootloader and Root.

Unlocking Nvidia SHIELD

1. First of all, Extract the file you’ve recently downloaded from Github.

2. Now you need to Reboot your device into Recovery Mode, just the follow these instructions:

  • Switch-Off your Nvidia Shield.
  • Now press the SHIELD Button and hold the Back and Home Button, until you see the recovery options on your screen.

3. Now connect your Nvidia SHIELD to your PC using the USB Cable.

4. Head over to your START Menu->RUN->Type ‘cmd’ and hit the enter button.

5. In the command line window, type the following:

adb devices

6. It will the list your device, which confirms that you’ve successfully installed the drivers as well configured Fastboot on your PC.

7. Now to unlock bootloader on your Nvidia Shield, type the following and hit enter:

fastboot oem unlock

8. On your device screen, you’ll be prompted with a warning message, use your (Home/Back) to highlight the ‘Unlock‘ option and press ‘SHIELD‘ to select it.

By now you have just unlocked Nvidia SHIELD, to Root your device, follow the following instructions.

Root Nvidia SHIELD

1. Now I assume that your device is in Recovery Mode, If not Reboot your device into recovery mode as did before in the above section.

2. Now in the command line window, type the following exactly:

fastboot boot zImage_dtb ramfs.img.gz

3. After typing the commands, ramdisk and kernel will be downloaded and you’ll see 4 penguins on your Nvidia SHIELD and “Rooting SHIELD” will appear.

4. After sometime, your Nvidia SHIELD will get rebooted and that’s it, you’ve just successfully rooted your Nvidia SHIELD.

5. To make sure you’ve really rooted your device, you’ll have installed SuperSU installed on your device as well go to Play Store and install the free root checker called, ‘Root Checker‘.

Root Checker[source:XDA]