How to Install .ipa to iPhone/iPad Using iFunBox

Install .ipa to iPhone/iPad


iFunBox is a utility which lets you directly install .ipa files to iPhone/iPad. It is simple and easy to use and you can easily install IPA files directly on your iOS device using iFunBox. It almost similarly works like installous if you have recently used it.

This works perfectly without Jailbreak, if you have purchased apps from App Store using your Apple ID otherwise, using the unsigned .ipa you may experience some errors and therefore, it is recommended that you setup AppSync on your Jailbroken device from Cydia or else your installation may fail. Down below I have given instructions, how to setup AppSync from Cydia.

Instructions to Setup AppSync from Cydia for iPhone/iPad

Step 1. From your IOS device open Cydia app, and tap Manage tab.
Step 2.Then tap Sources button.
Step 3. Then tap Edit
Step 4. Then tap to add
Step 5. Now here you need to input, and tap to Add Source. Here you are supposed to wait for a while the data synchronization process is done on your device.
Step 6. Now tap the Search tab and search for Appsync.
Step 7. At last, install the AppSync corresponding to your IOS version. Wait a while for the installation and reboot, and you’re done.

How to Install .ipa to iPhone/iPad Using iFunBox

Things you need, in order to install .ipa to iPhone/iPad using iFunBox:

  • Download iFunBox for Windows or Mac
  • Obviously your iPhone/iPad
  • PC or Mac with Data Cable for your device
  • iTunes Installed on your System

Once you qualify the above mentioned requirements, you’re ready to go and install .ipa to iPhone or iPad.

Step 1. First of all, you need to connect your iPhone/iPad to PC.

Step 2. Open iFunBox and make sure it recognizes your device.

Step 3. Now you can use the “Install App” button to install your downloaded .ipa files from your PC.

Step 4. iFunBox will then install .ipa apps files on your iPhone/iPad without any errors and you’re ready to enjoy newly installed apps on your iOS device.

Hopefully you have learned, how to install .ipa to iPhone/iPad using the iFunBox utility. If you do have queries or confused at any step, let us know in the comment section for more support. At the end remember, Sharing is Caring, if you found it useful share it with your friends using social sharing buttons 🙂

[via: iFunBox]