How to downgrade iOS 6 to iOS 5.1.1 (A4 Devices)

How to downgrade iOS 6 to iOS 5.1.1 (A4 Devices)

There are many reasons to downgrade your iPhone from iOS 6 to 5.1.1. But Today I will show you how to downgrade iOS 6 to iOS 5.1.1. Follow the step by step guide to continue.

NOTE: If you do not have saved your SHSH Blobs then you cannot downgrade your device.


Follow the Steps to Downgrade

STEP1: First of all you need to set your device into DFU Mode. If you don’t know how to DFU Mode then Read this Article.

STEP2: iTune will pop up a message that your device in Recovery Mode.

iPhone in Recovery Mode

STEP3: Now Launch Redsn0w


STEP4: Go to Extras and select SHSH Blobs.


STEP5: Now Click on Stitch

Redsn0w Menu

STEP6: And Select your SHSH Blobs

SHSH Blobs File

STEP7: Now head over to Redsn0w again go to Stitch and Select your IPSW 5.1.1 File.

Stitch IPSW File

STEP8: Select Your SHSH Blobs if you have stored on your locally (Desktop)



Stitching Blobs

STEP9: after then RedSn0w will pop up a message confirming that it complete stitching your SHSH Blobs and IPSW

Stitching Done

STEP10: You will get your new custom IPSW File.

Custom Stitched IPSW File

STEP11: Now go back to Redsn0w and headover to Pawned DFU


STEP12: Now go to iTunes and Restore your device.


STEP13: During your Restoring process you will notice this Error but don’t worry just click ok.

Restoring iPhone via iTunes

Error (-1) iTunes

iPhone Error


STEP14: Now go back to Redsn0w>>Extras>>Recovery Fix

Recovery Fix

STEP15: Redsn0w will ask you to DFU Mode before continuing so proceed.

Enter DFU Mode

STEP16: This will show Downlaoding Jailbreak Data but keep in mind actually this is not jailbreaking.

Preparing Jailbreak Data

STEP17: Now Congrats after so many steps you are done downgrading from iOS 6 to iOS 5.1.1. You can just set up your iPhone settings