How to Directly Download Photos to your iPhone, iPad Camera roll from Dropbox

You would be probably using Dropbox to store your photos safely and would want to have extra memory on your iPhone or iPad. Off course, sometimes you will need these photos again for any reason. Dropbox allows you to save your photos to your iPhone or iPad camera roll anytime, anywhere you wish to. Now follow these steps to easily download your photos to your iPhone or iPad camera roll from Dropbox.

STEP 1: First of all, you need to launch the Dropbox app from your iPhone or iPad springboard.

STEP 2: Once you launched the application, select your photo you want to download to your camera roll.

STEP 3: Now tap the download button on the right side which will give you the option ” Save to Photo Library“.

STEP 4:  All the downloaded photos will be stored in your iPhone or iPad camera roll.

A Visual Guide to import photos from Dropbox to your Camera roll

Visual Guide on how to download photos from Dropbox