How to Boot Android Phone or Tablet into Safe Mode

You may already be familiar with Safe Mode on Windows, if you have used it. Booting into Safe Mode disables all the third party applications on your Android, which makes it easy to figure out or troubleshoot the errors occurring that might be caused by a specific app installed on your device.

In safe mode, the Android OS disables all the third party applications installed on your system, only leaving the default or stock applications of the Android OS.

Safe Mode is really useful in finding out causes of the frequent crashes, freezes or Battery life issues; by booting into safe mode will help you to analyze and see if the problem still persist in the safe mode. If yes, then check out the recent applications you have installed on your android, that might be causing the errors, so that you can take action, like uninstalling or Factory reset to fix issues with your Android.

Android Safe Mode Lock Screen

How to Reboot Android into Safe Mode

How to Boot into Safe Mode on Android

Actually there are two methods to Boot Android Phone or Tablet device into Safe Mode, and both are a bit different and for different android versions. If you have installed Android 4.1 or later, then follow the following instructions:

Step 1. First of all, on your Android device, press the power button upĀ  to 3 seconds, until you see the power menu options.

Step 2. Now from the power menu options, again press the Power Off option up to 3 seconds.

How to Boot into Safe Mode on Android

Step 3. It will then pop up a message, asking you to confirmĀ  Safe Mode on your Android.

Android - Do you want reboot into Safe Mode?

Step 4. That’s it, after tapping the OK option, your android device will automatically reboot into safe mode.

Now what if you have got an older version of Android on your device? No worries folks, follow the following instructions to boot your device into Safe Mode on Older Version of Android.

Step 1. Power Off your Android phone or Tablet.

Step 2. Now again Switch-On your device by long pressing the Power-On button.

Step 3. As you see the device startup screen or logo, Hold the Volume Up/Down keys at the same time till your android device boot into Safe Mode.

It was an easy tutorial! Hopefully you have understood the whole process, of how to boot into safe mode on your android phone or tablet device. Well, if you do have confusion or queries, feel free to ask in the comment section.


How to Boot Android Phone or Tablet into Safe Mode