How to Install and Setup ADB&Fastboot, the Android Debug Bridge

ADB, stands for Android debug Bridge Utility. You probably would have come across this term, when unlocking Boatloader, Flashing custom Recoveries or installing custom ROM’s on your Android device. Now let’s talk a bit more about ADB, it is actually a command line utility, which comes with the Android SDK, used to control and enable your device to communicate with your PC via the USB port.

Setting up ADB&Fastboot is an easy task and only requires a few files to be installed on your PC, I will guide you through the steps, How to Install and Setup, ADB&Fastboot. Before we start, you first need to download the Android SDK Zip files from Google Developer’s site:

Download the Android SDK

Download Android SDK

Now when you have downloaded the Android SDK on your PC, follow the instructions to setup ADB/Fastboot.

Instructions, How to Install and Setup Android ADB&Fastboot on Windows

1. Now double click the .exe to file to install Android SDK on your PC, Make sure to change the default installation location to ‘C:Android-SDK’.

2. Once the installation gets complete, launch the SDK Manager application from your Start Menu.

3. Now check the Android SDK Platforms-tools box and hit the install button.


4. Now navigate to Extras section, and check the Google USB Driver, same like before hit the install button to install it on your PC.

Install Google-USB-Drivers on your PC

Now you have successfully Setup the ADB&Fastboot on your PC, but we still have not tested, if it is successfully installed and setup on your PC?

Testing ADB on Windows PC

1. First of all, make sure you have successfully enabled USB Debugging from your device Settings->Developers Options.


Enable UDB Debugging on your Device

2. Navigate to start menu, and click on RUN and type “CMD”without quotes to open the windows command.

3. Now you need to type in the location of your platform tools, as we have installed on the C:Android-SDK/platform-tools, so therefore in the command prompt window, type in ” cd c:\android-sdk\platform-tools” (without quotes)

4. Now in Windows command, type in “adb devices” (again without quotes). Now you should see your device in the list.

Testing Adb-device on Windows

ADB/Fastboot sucessfully setup and Installed on Windows

At the end, Hopefully the whole process has went good for you and you have successfully setup and installed the ADB&Fastboot on your PC. Congrats! Now you have set up the environment needed to Unlock Bootloader, Root and Install Custom ROM’s on your Android.

If you do still have any queries and confusion at any step, feel free to ask in the comment section. Also, do not forget, Share is Caring!!

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