Google Cloud Print Now Available on Google Play

Cloud Print App for Android

Cloud Print is an printing utility app by Google Inc, which helps you to connect your printer with Network, so wherever and whenever you want a print documents¬† you can make it through your Android Phone or Tablet. The App is simple and user friendly, you don’t have to be an expert to use this app and get most of it. That is Google Inc always try to make; so that anyone can use it. The Cloud Print Applications has so many features which also includes the adjusting of Printing sizes and other settings like you just do printing settings on your PC.

The Working Of Cloud Print Flow Chart

Cloud Print App: Flowchart shows The Process of Printing through Google Cloud Print

This is called Cloud Printing

So what are you waiting for? Cloud Print App for Android is now available with more bugs fixes and new features for your Android Device running 2.3.3 or Higher version.

Install Cloud Print on your Android Device from Google Play

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