Get Long Shadow Generator Plugin for Photoshop

Long Shadow Generator Plugin for PhotoshopLong Shadow Generator is free Photoshop plugin for creating long shadows of an object in designs works. Long Shadows is nowadays used most commonly in designs works. Thanks to the developer who have created this plugin for free to help you to create long shadows in your project designs works with just 1 click.

Main Features Includes:

  • Shadow length
  • Shadow opacity
  • Black or white shadow
  • Flatten or gradient shadow
  • Shadow angles



How to Install Long Shadow Generator Photoshop plugin

1. First of close Photoshop Application on your PC if it is already running.

2. Now double click Long_Shadow_Generator_v1.1_for_CS6.zxp file, It will then automatically opens up the Adobe extension manager.

3. Now open Photoshop and from the Menu go to “Window” > “Extension” > “Long Shadow Generator”.

4. That’s it.

Download Long  Shadow Generator for Photoshop

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