Get iOS7 Control Centre on your Android Device

In the WWDC 2013, Apple released the beta version of iOS7 only for developers, following it has now beta 2 and 3 also released, its not yet publicly released, but the iOS7 Control Center is widely spread and discussed on the technology blogs and forums. It has so many new changes, complete new UI and some more advanced features. An Android developer has just released an app on Google Play, Called, ‘Control Center‘ which has caught attention these recent days. Actually control center is an iOS7 style theme or customization layer for Android devices. Which means you can get iOS7 control center on your Android device. The app is still in its initial stages, so there could some options which may not work perfect as you may expect it to be. But praise the developer, who has so cleanly copied the iOS7 control central features and functions for your Android device.

Get iOS7 Control Center on your Android Control Center App for Android

Once you install it on your Android, it  gives you complete control over toggle WiFi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode and so on. You can control these daily used utility with one tap option right from your home screen, as you might expect on iOS7 on iPhone. Just move the slider ‘Start Service‘ and you are on the go to customize many different options. In simpler words it will bring iOS experience right on your Android with Control Center.

Download and Install Control Center for Android

If you are a big fan of iOS, i am sure you will give it try on your Android. Although Android store has got excellent several customization Apps, which you may have tried.