How to Get Android 4.4 KitKat Launcher On Your Android Smartphone

Updates are always a way to maintain good customer relationship, that’s what GOOGLE does to win the hearts of the Tech market. Similarly the Android 4.4 Kitkat is a new to market OS and every Android user is willing to get this latest update on their smartphone. Google promises to make it public and available to every Droid phone but its getting late for some of the Android lovers who cant wait or don’t want to buy Nexus 5 with built in Kitkat 4.4. But the developers are always a way ahead from the official releases and up till now they have managed to succeed in extracting the original Kitkat launcher from the Nexus 5 and The XDA dev contributor made it possible for every Android user to install the Launcher along with Google Now and Google Play services.

By the help of this Launcher your Android Smartphone can transform into the Following: 

Download Android 4.4 KitKat Launcher

How To Install.

With the help of few steps you can get this exciting Launcher to work with your Android Smartphone.

1.Download the required APK files:

Kitkat Launcher

Google Now

Google Play Services

2.Prepare your smartphone for installation by checking the Unknown Sources option from the Security setting of your phone. It varies from device to device google yours to see.

3.Now one by one install each file.

4.Open the Launcher from App list if it does not automatically pops up, then select it  to be your default Launcher.

5.Viola U R Done :)Enjoy the Kitkat touch on your Smartphone 🙂

6. In case if you want to revert all these changes simply go to the app manager and uninstall these three .apk’s and u r done.

7.Issues found=None….Even than feel free to post your queries in the comments …

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