How to Fix iTunes “Error 3194” while Restoring/ Downgrade

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You probably would have experienced so many errors, when updating or downgrading your iPhone, iPod, or iPad Firmware. Fixing these kinds of errors do suck and waste a lot of time and above all put us in tension, i.e., oh what happens to my iPhone? Will it again start to work normally or not?

You may have heard this sentence in life; Nothing is impossible! And this is 100% true; these errors can be easily fixed, provided that you’re willing to with the correct knowledge and enthusiasm.

Today, I will guide you using the step by step instructions, how you can fix the Error 3194 in iTunes when Restoring or Updating your iOS Device. Before we get started, first I would recommend you to understand and troubleshoot, Why you’re getting the error 3194, while updating or restoring your iPhone, iPad, iPod or iPod Touch. The error 3194 occurs only, when you are trying to install old firmware, and Apple’s server disallows the installation, it is called firmware downgrade.

The tutorial has been updated for 2016 with the best and proved solutions which will fix iTunes Error 3194

iTunes Error 3194 SolutionsThere are three methods to Fix Error 3194:

  • Edit the host file
  • Download the Custom Host File and replace it with existing one.
  • Using TinyUmbrella

You can use any of the above methods to solve the Error 3194; I am pretty sure, all will work for you, however, choose the one suitable and easier for you. Here I will demonstrate all possible ways to Fix Error 3194.

Fix iTunes Error 3194 using Edit Host File

Before you go for the procedure, it is highly recommended that you disable the following things on your PC:

  • Close iTunes
  • Disable Firewall
  • Also, Disable Antivirus if you are running on your PC.

STEP 1. Follow this path to locate “Host File” on your Windows drive C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc

STEP 2. Now once you find the host file, Edit or delete it and  Download this customize file and paste it in the same folder. [Click Here to download the Custom Host File]

Now here is the trick and main point you need to understand, there are obviously two ways, where you’re getting this error:

  • Downgrading Firmware or
  • Restoring to the latest iOS Firmware available

– If you’re restoring to the most recent version of iOS, then you need to remove the following lines from the host file and then save it:

  • Also if you’ve got the hosts.umbrella file, delete it.

– What If you’re Downgrading your iOS device using the Custom IPSW developed using Snowbreeze then that is ok and replace your existing hosts file with the one you’ve downloaded earlier.

STEP 3. Now Flush DNS on your PC:

– For Windows XP – Go to START Menu> RUN and Type CMD.

– For Windows 7 – Go to START Menu and search for CMD and click on it.

In the command window type: ipconfig /flushdns and hit Enter.

Flushing DNS on Windows 7

Step 4. Next, open your browser and type, and check that you’re getting the following message:

If you’re getting another message like, Cydia, then your host file is not setup correctly, and you won’t be able to update it using iTunes and hence will result in giving your errors.

STEP 5. Now put your device into DFU Mode.

STEP 6. Once your device is in DFU Mode, Now open iTunes and Restore your device regularly by hitting the Shift Key+Click on Restore.

Now I hope so, by following the exact steps you will successfully solve Error 3194 in iTunes.

If the above method does not solve your problem or you find it difficult then follow the second method to fix error 3194.

Fix Error 3194 Using TinyUmbrella

STEP 1. First, you need to download the latest version of TinyUmbrella.

STEP 2. Once you download it, Connect your Device and run TinyUmbrella as an Administrator on your PC.

STEP 3. Now you need to unchecked “Set Host to Cydia on exit” from TinyUmbrella Advanced Tab.

TinyUmbrella: Fix Error 3194

STEP 4. After then, Click on the Button Start TSS Server located on the upper right side.

TinyUmbrella: Start TSS Server to Fix Error 3194

STEP 5. While running the TinyUmbrella TSS Server, Launch iTunes.

STEP 6. Before you proceed to Restore, I recommend you to put your device into DFU Mode and then Hit the Shift Key+Restore Button.

I am pretty sure, if you follow the exact steps, you will be able to get rid of Error 3194 successfully. If you still have any query/confusion, Feel free to ask in the comment box. Words of Appreciation are always welcome as well!!Let us know in the comment section If it works for you and if not also gives the description error so that we can help you to get your error 3194 fixes.

  • jenifar lopz

    hey man its work for me

    • Glad to see, it worked for you..

      • Francis Tanjusay

        Sir i need help :I
        , i follow your steps, i used tinyumbrella, unchecked the set hosts to cydia on exit and i open itunes, the error 3194 is gone and it’s working, but im stuck on “Preparing iPad for restore” 🙁

  • Karan Donga

    both of dem didnt worked for me ive gone through the steps 10 times den too no result. The same message is displayed all the time (unknown error 3194)

    • Karan, try once more, using TinyUmbrella. I am pretty sure it will work! And then let me know

  • Ravi Saharan

    Tanxxxx Bro

    • Ravi, I am Really Happy for you, that it worked 🙂

  • brian

    It says tinyumbrella TSS server is not running and it wont let me click on start TSS server

    • Brian Why not try the Edit the Host file method, I am sure it will work, just try it once more, but remember to disable Anti-Virus and Firewall before you proceed. Then let me know!

  • Bridget Rangel

    booth is not working for me my device is on iOS 4.3 but i’ve tethered jailbreak it.. i want to update my ios to 6.0 but these steps is not working for me.. please help! 🙁

    • Well, Rangel, I want you to be a little descriptive, what method are you using to Update your device to iOS 6? May be there is another way to sort out your problem!

      • Bridget Rangel

        i’ve try edting my host file but error 1901 shows same thing when i’m trying using tiny umbrella

    • Bridget Rangel, Alternatively you can also try this one First you need to close iTunes, Go to “C:windowssystem32driversetc” now go to Host File and Open it with Notepad, Select all, Copy Everything and then hit the Backspace to remove everything from the host file, save it now. Now Open up iTunes and just hit the update option, which should update it without any error.
      Note: It will update your device to latest iOS firmware. And don’t forget to go back to host file and paste the copied content back to host file after you have successfully Restore.

      • Bridget Rangel

        aw i also try this error 3004 shows

  • Bryan

    It wun let me uncheck the “Set hosts blah blah 😐

  • LK

    It’s still not working for me I’m still getting the 3194 error when I try to update to iOS 7

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    • Gaby, I am really glad to see its working for you.

  • david

    Went through the steps couple of times. Did not help. Either I have error 1600 or this error (3194)

    • David, i updated the host file, download the custom host file given above, try it again then let me know, hopefully it will work.

      • david

        looks like you posted the wrong link to it. (i get a different page-not a file)Thanks

        • Sorry for that! now check it out, its working now.

          • david

            ok. i tried again the two methods. no luck. but, for I tried restoring with the same version I have, that went with no problems.

          • Well, david, i am happy for you, as at last something worked for you 🙂

          • david

            Thanks 😉 I guess I will stand pat with this version and wait for the new ios7 to come out. thanks again

    • David let me know, how it went for you!

  • Lochlan Davy

    tryed both and didn’t work

    • Davy Try again one more time, I have updated the Tutorial! I am Pretty sure, this time it should work for you.

  • Graehem McCommons

    Please help it wont work!!!!I have restored my ipod many times

    • McCommons, what errors do you get, when trying to Restore via iTunes?

  • Junior Masanja

    thanks for the support, it actually worked….. thumbs up (Y)

  • Alex Maldonado

    I tried it with tiny umbrella. error code 3194 went away but now i get code 11. dont know whats going on

    • Alex, i recommend you to try it again using TinyUmbrella, but make sure, you first put your device into DFU Mode.

  • Ashraf Salih

    Hi Imran

    Thanks for the solution, and really it is nice to see you replying to all, I am trying to use tiny umbrella, first the option of overwriting SHSH is not active and I could not check it, 2nd the error 3194 disappeared but I got error 1604, any Idea? Thanks in advance

    • Hey Salih, Why not try the first method, it is not working for you! But before you that, i recommend you to read the guidelines first and then try. Also, Salih i don’t know if you are trying to Restore to Latest or older Firmware?

  • Pablo Jose Rosales

    did both, still getting error 3194, what can I do, pal?

    • I should say try again, but this time carefully, first read the guidelines and then try it on your device. I am pretty sure, it should work, but if any case it does not work for you, then for the time being, download your current firmware and restore it.

  • chel

    Did both also can’t. Used 2nd method and the error became error 1600. HELP!

  • MiGuel Mendoza

    My iphone cannot enter dfu because “activation required” and when you unlock it “connect to Itunes” appear

  • Cheyenne Sayers

    Unknown error 11 is what it is telling me now…. I don’t think I will ever get the beta on my phone 🙁

    • Gurjeet

      let me know if u r able to fix it as i am facing the same issue

  • ash

    Does this work when upgrading to iOS 7 for ipad 2?

  • Ally Perez-Brasa

    Neither are working for me, and I am trying to update my iPhone 4 (GSM) to iOS 7 🙁

  • Anees

    I am trying to downgrade from ios 7 to any of the ios 6 version, i tried many other methods didnt work. Now i am trying this method
    Hope it works and please do reply

  • Anees

    i tried the first step error 3194 is coming again

    and also do we have to do these steps –

    Close iTunes

    Disable Firewall

    Also Disable Anti-Virus if you do have running on your PC.?

  • Abbas

    it will not let me press set hosts to cydia on exit

  • Lee Carter

    I have tried every combination of these fixes over and over again with no success… I have an iPhone 5 which I am trying to upgrade to iOS 7 beta 4 or 5. I was running beta 3 on it without a problem, got back from my holiday in Spain and tried to update, no chance, now the only ipsw I can successfully run on my phone is iOS 6.1.4. I have also tried on two different laptops. At my wits end, but don’t like giving up… any suggestions?

  • Lee Carter

    PS. on iTunes, without Tinyumbrella running, I get (3194), with Tinyumbrella running I get (11)…

    • Hey Carter, for Error 11 try to read this, Why does this error occur?
      BBFW file in the firmware folder of an unzipped IPSW. Can also be used
      to prevent a baseband update. The device is bootable, if you set the
      auto-boot to true or use TinyUmbrella and use “Kick Device out of
      -> If You are trying to update to a custom firmware
      from PwnageTool 4.1+. You always have to go into DFU mode and restore
      from there.

  • Ben P. Napier Ford

    I have tried the host method and tiny umbrella method to update my 4s to ios7 beta 4. I always receive the 3194 error message, and error 11 with tiny umbrella

    • Ben P. Napier Ford

      I am trying to upgrade from 6.1.3, if that is relevant

      • Ben P. Napier Ford

        I tried TinyUmbrella again and got 1603

  • Amanda

    I am still getting error 1601 with tinyumbrella method

  • light

    its work on ipod 5gen?

  • vinay goyal

    Hi, i have been getting error 3194 with both editing th host file andaldo via using tinyumbrellla. But all in vain . With tiny umbrella error 1600 pops up … But i tried switching of firewall and antivirus …. But same issue? Wat sud i do now … I am tryin to upgrade from ios 6.1.4 to ios 7 beta 4 ….. My udid is also registered?
    Ur suggestion will be appreciated … Thanks

    • Last thing i could suggest you, is to restore back to your current firmware, and then try again, it may help you 🙂

  • Muhammad IBRAHEEM

    Hi i am trying to get ios7 beta5 or 4 but its error 3194 again and
    Again any one can help me i did every thing try to sort this out
    New updated 6.1.4 on ip5 try to update with beta 4 or 5 but no luck
    Any tip please thanks

  • jax

    i keep getting error 11 im wondering if anyone here knows how to fix it?

  • Marcus

    I do not know why you people are event trying these steps that DO NOT WORK once Apple stops signing a specific version, there is no fix, there is no work around. Once apple stops signing a certain version you are SOL.

  • Help Me

    It did not work still got 3194

  • Pathan Mustakim

    thx a lot it work i try to do for last 2 days thax again

  • Marion Montesco Beltran

    Hi Imran, I tried doing the first method you have provided and still no good. I tried using TU however, I don’t have any saved blobs. Could I still try to restore without any blobs? And I noticed in my TU advance tab that some of the options are grayed out so I cant even tick the buttons. My iPad 4 128 is really messed up, my Cydia, iFile and Sbsettings won’t launch so I had to restore. Oh f*ck.

  • waleed khan

    i m getting error 11 again n again

    • Removed BBFW file in the firmware folder of an unzipped IPSW. Can also be used to prevent a baseband update. The device is bootable, if you set the auto-boot to true or use TinyUmbrella and use “Kick Device out of Recovery”.
      You are trying to update to a custom firmware from PwnageTool 4.1+. You always have to go into DFU mode and restore from there.

      • waleed khan

        how i need for it? i have iphone 3gs ,my frnd try to update it ios 6.1 via wifi ,but suddenly phone is restart , now its restarting again n again .
        please i need a proper guide for restoring …
        where i get these files ? i just download the ios6 ipsw format. .. at first i try without using tinyumbrella i get 3194 error . i was confuse , my frind give me link of ur site . so i have a hope to restore my iphone . coz fone is not working last 3 days m not feeling well. but using tiny umbrella i get error 11 .,

        • Waleed Khan, it is suggested that you first download the IPSW file, you previously had on your device (if it was iOS 6.1, then download iOS 6.1 for your device) , and then try to restore, In Sha Allah, this should work for you. And then let me know….

          • waleed khan

            ok let me try ..

          • waleed khan

            still getting the same 🙁 using tinyumbrella

          • Make sure, you have followed the above guidelines mentioned in the post!!

          • waleed khan

            i followed it step by step..

          • waleed khan

            ik aur problem v hai .. k tinyumbrella may iphone likha howa nai ata . just ik number likha ta hai aur … ap nay jo pic send ki hai us may iphone ata hai. jab k meray pass yeh nai ata. aur tinyumbrella may ik option v diable hai enable nai ho sakti .overwrite existing shsh file on save shsh..

  • It is specially for my all readers, of this post, How to fix, “iTunes Error” 3194, Hey folks, i tried my best solve out your problems, but then what i noticed here, that it’s not working for so many of you! but only a few. So now i advise you to try these simple steps, if it works for you.
    1.For Windows, go to C: /Windows/System32/drivers/etc/ and search for the file named “hosts”

    2.For Mac, the file is in /etc/

    3.Open this file using Notepad (or any other text editing application can be used for the purpose) (for

    Windows users, open this with Administrator Privileges)

    4.Usually you’ll encounter this line at the bottom of the page:


    6.Either comments this line out by typing a single ‘#’ (without the quotes) in front of the line (before

    74) or remove the line entirely.

    7.Once done, save the hosts file and then go for updating your iPhone through the iTunes.

    8.Usually, the error should be removed by now.

  • syed aun

    nops error 1601

  • draeee30303

    i got prepairing ipad for restore… does that mean it works?

  • Xavier

    Hey Imran, can you help me? I wanted to update my 4s to iOS7 but when I click install under my iPhone settings my phone turns on recovery mode. And when I try to connect to iTunes it keeps asking me to restore and when I restore, the error code 3194 pops up. I tried using the host file method but I don’t have this ”” at the bottom of my host file. And I tried Tiny Umbrella, I pressed exit recovery, but nothing happens and Tiny Umbrella says my device is not plugged it. Pls help me.

  • mahendra singh

    PS. on iTunes, without Tinyumbrella running, I get (3194), with Tinyumbrella running I get (11) plz solve me

  • Joel

    guys, this actually works. thanks imran! I’m now restoring my sister’s ipad mini to ios 7

    • Hey Joel, I am glad to see, it worked for you. Enjoy iOS7 on your sister’s iPad Mini 🙂

  • erti

    error 3194 not going out anymore but now i have error 4000 ???????

    • Sagitarriutt Jefferspin

      i am having the same problem trying to upgrade a iphone 4 to 6.1.2

  • Ian

    i don’t know if this will apply to all, but i also received a 3194.. what i did was closed my itunes, unplugged my iphone from usb, removed it from dfu mode, turned on my phone, then placed it again in dfu mode, connect my iphone to itunes then clicked restore (since my target was the latest firmware) without running tiny umbrella

  • MJ12

    can you do the shift/restore to snowbreeze via itunes NOT in dfu mode? power button is broken. redsnow dfu thing does not work. i’ve tried both of these methods plus many more. i have a 3gs newbootrom on 6.1.3 with need for activation and no sim card. i got issues…
    i have bootrec.exe to go into restore mode and then do the shift restore with itunes. what should i install?

  • Francis Tanjusay

    Sir Imran Aftab, im stuck on “Preparing iPad for restore” what should i do

    • Francis Tanjusay

      Sir i need help :I
      , i follow your steps, i used tinyumbrella, unchecked the set hosts to cydia on exit and i open itunes, the error 3194 is gone and it’s working, but im stuck on “Preparing iPad for restore” 🙁

      • If you can be more specific, I mean you should provide a complete description, so that i get your problem.

        • Pankaj Parmar

          Sir i need help :I also have same problem in my i phone 5 downgread
          , i follow your steps, i used tinyumbrella, unchecked the set hosts to cydia on exit and i open itunes, the error 3194 is gone and it’s working, but im stuck on “Preparing iPad for restore” :

  • Fares

    I followed step by step method one , also checked for the page and it appeared as it should , but unfortunately it didnt work
    while in the second method , the error stop occurring but the restore process stopped and stucked at “preparing Ipad for restore”
    please provide some further help in here , its been my 3rd week with a useless Ipad
    P.S : this happened after i tried jailbreak my Ipad.

  • dan drews

    I am downgrading from ios 8.1.3 to ios 8.1.2, Does this method(s) still work? plz!

  • Akss Mughal

    i have tried second method step-by-step and gives same message but but the problem occurs again. What should i do now to fix it????

    • The simple method I would recommend you is to try it on another PC and it will work.

  • Florin Marian Filip

    i don’t have the “advanced” tab

    • Filip you might be running a different version of TinyUmbrella.