How to Fix iTunes “Error 3194” while Restoring/ Downgrade

You probably would have experienced so many errors, when updating or downgrading your iPhone, iPod, or iPad Firmware. Fixing these kinds of errors do suck and waste a lot of time and above all put us in tension, i.e., oh what happens to my iPhone? Will it again start to work normally or not?

You may have heard this sentence in life; Nothing is impossible! And this is 100% true; these errors can be easily fixed, provided that you’re willing to with the correct knowledge and enthusiasm.

Today, I will guide you using the step by step instructions, how you can fix the Error 3194 in iTunes when Restoring or Updating your iOS Device. Before we get started, first I would recommend you to understand and troubleshoot, Why you’re getting the error 3194, while updating or restoring your iPhone, iPad, iPod or iPod Touch. The error 3194 occurs only, when you are trying to install old firmware, and Apple’s server disallows the installation, it is called firmware downgrade.

The tutorial has been updated for 2016 with the best and proved solutions which will fix iTunes Error 3194

iTunes Error 3194 SolutionsThere are three methods to Fix Error 3194:

  • Edit the host file
  • Download the Custom Host File and replace it with existing one.
  • Using TinyUmbrella

You can use any of the above methods to solve the Error 3194; I am pretty sure, all will work for you, however, choose the one suitable and easier for you. Here I will demonstrate all possible ways to Fix Error 3194.

Fix iTunes Error 3194 using Edit Host File

Before you go for the procedure, it is highly recommended that you disable the following things on your PC:

  • Close iTunes
  • Disable Firewall
  • Also, Disable Antivirus if you are running on your PC.

STEP 1. Follow this path to locate “Host File” on your Windows drive C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc

STEP 2. Now once you find the host file, Edit or delete it and  Download this customize file and paste it in the same folder. [Click Here to download the Custom Host File]

Now here is the trick and main point you need to understand, there are obviously two ways, where you’re getting this error:

  • Downgrading Firmware or
  • Restoring to the latest iOS Firmware available

– If you’re restoring to the most recent version of iOS, then you need to remove the following lines from the host file and then save it:

  • Also if you’ve got the hosts.umbrella file, delete it.

– What If you’re Downgrading your iOS device using the Custom IPSW developed using Snowbreeze then that is ok and replace your existing hosts file with the one you’ve downloaded earlier.

STEP 3. Now Flush DNS on your PC:

– For Windows XP – Go to START Menu> RUN and Type CMD.

– For Windows 7 – Go to START Menu and search for CMD and click on it.

In the command window type: ipconfig /flushdns and hit Enter.

Flushing DNS on Windows 7

Step 4. Next, open your browser and type, and check that you’re getting the following message:

If you’re getting another message like, Cydia, then your host file is not setup correctly, and you won’t be able to update it using iTunes and hence will result in giving your errors.

STEP 5. Now put your device into DFU Mode.

STEP 6. Once your device is in DFU Mode, Now open iTunes and Restore your device regularly by hitting the Shift Key+Click on Restore.

Now I hope so, by following the exact steps you will successfully solve Error 3194 in iTunes.

If the above method does not solve your problem or you find it difficult then follow the second method to fix error 3194.

Fix Error 3194 Using TinyUmbrella

STEP 1. First, you need to download the latest version of TinyUmbrella.

STEP 2. Once you download it, Connect your Device and run TinyUmbrella as an Administrator on your PC.

STEP 3. Now you need to unchecked “Set Host to Cydia on exit” from TinyUmbrella Advanced Tab.

TinyUmbrella: Fix Error 3194

STEP 4. After then, Click on the Button Start TSS Server located on the upper right side.

TinyUmbrella: Start TSS Server to Fix Error 3194

STEP 5. While running the TinyUmbrella TSS Server, Launch iTunes.

STEP 6. Before you proceed to Restore, I recommend you to put your device into DFU Mode and then Hit the Shift Key+Restore Button.

I am pretty sure, if you follow the exact steps, you will be able to get rid of Error 3194 successfully. If you still have any query/confusion, Feel free to ask in the comment box. Words of Appreciation are always welcome as well!!Let us know in the comment section If it works for you and if not also gives the description error so that we can help you to get your error 3194 fixes.