How to Fix and Recover Boot Loop on Stock Android and Rooted Device

I know you would be very desperate and annoyed, after getting your Android device in Boot loop, you probably would be trying to install custom ROM or installing a custom Mod or could any other reason for your device into Boot Loop. The best thing, i love about Android is , it is an open source, you can do whatever you want, like from customization, Custom ROM’s or Custom Mod’s and so on. But having not enough knowledge and guidance you will always experience these sorts of problems and errors. Don’t worry folks, this is normal, i myself have encountered, a number of errors when playing with Android, iOS or Windows phones. I guide you step by step, how to fix or Recover Boot Loop on Stock Android or Rooted Android device.

Follow the tutorial if you have got Boot Loop on your Stock Android device.

Instructions to Recover Boot Loop on Stock Android

STEP 1. To get started, First you need to remove Battery from your Android device, and keep it almost for 30 seconds and insert it back into your device.

Note you might be having a device, where you will not be able to remove battery from your device, in that case, just keep your device Off for almost 5 minutes.

STEP 2. Now you need to boot your device into Recovery Mode by, holding the Volume Up+Home+Power Button. The key combination for your device might be different. I would recommend you to Google it, if these keys does not work for you!!

STEP 3. Once step 2 is done, you will need to use Volume Up/Down Buttons to navigate through different options and Use your Power button to Select options.

STEP 4. Now in Recovery Mode, navigate through and do Wipe data/Factory reset.

STEP 5. This method will work for you, if in case it did not, then also try Wipe Cache Partition option from Recovery mode menu.

STEP 6. Now go back and select the Reboot System Now option, which will reboot your device normally.

By following the exact steps it should have fix your Boot Loop problem, if somehow you again get the same error, go on and repeat the same procedure, this time it should work for you.

If you have got your Android device rooted using CWM Recovery, then follow the following tutorial to get rid of Boot Loop on your Android rooted device.

Instructions to Recover Boot Loop on your Rooted Android Device

STEP 1. Fist of all, remove Battery from your device and keep it almost for 30 seconds and then insert it back into your device.

STEP 2. Now boot your device in CWM Recovery Mode by holding the Volume Up+Home+Power Buttons at the same time.

STEP 3. Now in Recovery Mode, head over to Advance>Wipe>Dalvik Cache and then moving a head to Mount&Storage and choose Wipe/Data, at last Wipe/Cache.

STEP 4. Now select reboot your system, to restart your device.

By following the exact steps, it should have solve your boot loop problem, but if any case it did not, then again follow the same procedure.

Well folks, i tried my best, to guide you, how to fix or Recover Android Boot Loop on Stock Android or Rooted Device. If you do still have any queries at any step, feel free to ask in the comment section.