How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Without Password

If you’re an Android user, you may eventually face problems such as forgetting your Android password or pattern and not recognising your Face ID. Generally, people use passwords or patterns for security reasons, such as personal data and pictures. On some occasions, they forget their PIN or password. So, I’ll be showing you guys some simple and easy methods to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S20  without a password or pattern. You can also apply these methods on Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S20 fe and S20 Ultra.

Hard reset Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra:

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G

Hard reset is the simplest way to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S20+ and it will help you speed up your phone’s performance with this method. As I already mentioned above, this method is for those who do not have any personal data, pictures,videos,etc. You will lose every piece of data on your device, a Samsung Galaxy S20+, so this method is only for those who are willing to risk it. Before you begin, there are a few things you should keep in mind. You should have at least a 50% charge on your Android phone, so let’s begin with the Hard Rest method.

Types of method you will learn here to unlock your Android device.

  • Factory Reset
  • Hard Reset
  • Google Security Question
  • Google Find My device
  • Code Reset
  • Flash the device using Android Multi tool
  • Reset Forgot Password
  • Root and installing custom ROM
  • Face unlock remove

All these methods are for different types of issues. It depends on which issue you’re facing. Every methods are not applicable for similar options

Read the options and choose wisely which one is your issue and apply the above methods.

This guide is applicable to all models of Samsung Galaxy S20 including:

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
  • Samsung Galaxy S20+
  • Samsung Galaxy S20
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

Samsung Galaxy S20+ Hard Reset Buttons

This method is basically for those types of problems where you can’t access anything for example you have forgotten your password , pattern or even you can’t even have a fingerprint option. You might lose all your data in this method.

You may not lose any data  if you have turned on backups option from Developer option on the phone, then you can easily transfer data from your phone to your pc.If you have turned on google backups you might not lose anything because it backups everything nowadays.

Follow the step by step guide for hard rest 

  • Shut down your phone 
  • Press and hold the power button and volume up button for a 15 second
  • If it doesn’t work try with power button + volume down button or use power button + volume up+volume down
  • After that the phone will vibrate and the samsung logo will appear and release all the buttons 
  • A screen will top up with a lot of options. You can only use volume up and down buttons in this screen and can use the power button for select


  • Use your volume down button and select Wipe data/ Factory rest and use the power button to select.

  • After that you will see “Wipe cache Partition“ in the next screen select yes 
  •  Finally wipe cache partition successfully select reboot option to reboot your phone.

The phone will turn on and your device will be unlocked and factory reset .

Factory Reset Galaxy S20 FE

Factory reset is a process where you have all access to your phone and use a third party security app for the gallery.

 if you don’t want to manifest your videos,gallery,files to anyone to see. we use third party apps like App locks,gallery lock and somehow you forget your app lock pattern or password.

with the Factory reset you can wipe all the apps data you have in your phone.

so for this reason we will use Factory Reset option.In this process you can lose your

all of your data in your device.If you don’t want to lose your data, files etc you should backup your data to your Pc or to google account. So follow the below step by step guide on how to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S20 by Factory Reset.

  • Go to Settings 
  • Find General Management 
  • Select Reset 
  • Find Factory Data reset and open it 
  • Select Reset 
  • At the last you will see Delete All and tab it
  • Your device will Restart it will take a few minutes, if it takes time its normal
  • Do not shut down your phone with the power button 

Your phone will turn on and all of your Apps data settings,accounts will be gone and gallery locks.

You can start over again and backup your data from your google account or pc to your android phone.

Unlock  Galaxy S20 without data lost using Google Security Questions

In this methode i am gonna show you guys have to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S20 without losing data if you have attempted with a wrong pattern many times.

while backing up your data and password to google it asks questions for the security reason so nobody can access to your

data.If you somehow forget your phone Patheren you can unlock it through google questions by giving the correct answer. Follow the below step by step guide on how to unlock your Galaxy S20 with Google security Questions.

  • click on the forgot pattern option
  • ahead it will ask the Google security questions which you set
  • Answer it correctly 
  • After that set a new pattern for your phone 
  • confirm the new pattern 
  • Now your new pattern is set, lock it again and use the new pattern to unlock your phone.

Note :  this method is only useful  for those who  know the Google security questions . If you don’t know the answers then this  method cant unlock your phone.

Unlock Samsung S20 with Google Find My Device 

In this method I’m gonna show you guys how to unlock your S20 or S20 Ultra through Find My Device. People usually use this method in stolen  condition. You can directly delete or reset your data from your phone through the Google  Official website if you don’t want your data to get into any strangers hands. You can also Hard reset your S20 ultra or S20 or  may use soft reset but if you face software issue or bugs problem you can easily unlock it through Google Find My Device instead.Things to keep in mind while removing your Pattern from your s20 or S20 Ultra. So follow the step by step guide.

  • Your device should be Synchronized with Google Find My Device
  • Your phone must have an internet connection
  • Login your account in the Official website google find my device
  • If your linked in “Find my Device “ your phone should appear there
  • There should be several options like play sound,erase your device etc
  • Select the erase option it wipe your all data from your phone 

All data will be wiped and your phone will be unlocked and Factory reset.

How to unlock S20 or S20 ultra using Android Multi Tool

A step by step guide on how you can reset your phone using Android Multi tool and remove patterns from your s20,S20 Ultra,S20fe models.its the simplest and easiest way you just need a cable to connect your device to your pc or laptop. Follow the step by step guide to Factory reset or  remove pattern from your device.

  1. Install android multi tool in your pc or laptop.
  2. Connect your s20,s20 ultra or s20fe model which you have through a usb cable.
  3. Open the android multi tool.
  4. Enable usb debugging from the developer option.
  5. Press and hold the volume down and power button.
  6. An option will appear in the tool when the phone enters to recover mode.
  7. Now select option 5 in the Android multi tool wipe all your data from the device.
  8. After the process is done restart your phone.

After the restart your phone has been successfully reset and the pattern is gone.