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How to Enable “Developer Settings” and “USB Debugging” Options For Android

By Imran Aftab / July 9, 2013

Before i tell you, how to enable Developer Setting and USB Debugging Option Mode, it is necessary that you know about, what is it? why do you need to enable it? so lets know:

What is USB Debugging Mode?

USB Debugging feature is actually for Android Developers, what it really does, it creates  a data transferring connection SDK (Software Development Kit) between your PC and your Android Device.  Usually developers and Programmers use this suit to code apps and test it on devices, to do this, they need USB Debugging feature enabled on their device. Apart from Developers, we normal people use it to Root  Android Devices. Now how to enable USB Debugging Feature on your Android Device, Follow the Instructions:

Instructions to Enable Developer Options  On Your Android

STEP 1. First Head over to, “Settings” >>  And Find “About Device” and tap it.

STEP 2. Now it will give another menu, Now here find ” Build Number“.

Samsung Galaxy S4: Build Number

STEP 3. Once you find Build Number, Tap it seven times unless you get this message “Developer Mode Has been Enabled“.

aaaa"Developer Mode has been enabled"

STEP 4. Now just go back to “About Device” Menu, where you will find Developer options.

Developer Options

STEP 5. Now you can enable “Usb Debugging” on your Android device.

USB Debugging Mode

Allow USB Debugging?

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