Learn How to Easily Download Android Apps APK’s from Google Play Store to PC

Download Apps APK to PC

Google Play Store, is one of the best and recommended App Store on the Web for Android users. It provides you with millions of free Apps for your Android to download using your Android device. We all know Google does not allow to directly download Apps APK’s to your PC, Google has so many reasons for why they are not allowing you to do this, once common reason may be of Security issues. I know you would have probably have found some websites, which allows you to directly download APK’s to your PC and then you can move it to your device. But let me tell you one thing, They are not trusted, and may contains viruses and malwares, which may harm your device software as well hardware. Therefore, Google strongly recommends not to download apps from third party sites.

But how about Download Android Apps APK’s from Google Play Store Directly to your PC? Well folks, you can easily download Apps APK’s files from Android Play Store. You are only required to have three things to be eligible for directly download files to your PC:

Requirements to Download APK Files from Google Play Store on PC

  • A software called Real APK Leecher
  • Your device ID
  • Email ID

Now as long you have the above mentioned 3 things, you can download Apps apk files from Google Store.

Follow the Step by Step Instructions to Download Android APK files from Play Store to PC

Step 1. First of Download Real APK Leacher [Direct Download Link]

Step 2. Now head over to your device and type the following piece of Code, “*#*#8255#*#*” to get your device ID.

Step 3. Now extract/unzip the download file and launch Real APK Leecher and fill up your Email, Password and Device ID, you can also change the download location or just leave it default.


Step 4. Once everything is done, just hit the save button, and you will be prompted to this menu (as shown in the below image), Now here you can search and download free and paid versions Android Apps APK’s files from Play Store.


Hopefully by now you have learned, ‘how to download Android Apps from Google Play Store to PC‘. If you find it useful, share your experience with us in the comment section. What about Social Sharing? Be Generous, it only takes a few seconds.


  • Crystal

    Does this option ONLY work if you have already downloaded apps from Google Play onto your Android device? I do not have an Android device, and just simply want Instagram on my PC. Why does this process have to be so complicated to get Instagram?

    • Cystal, first of all, if you don’t have Android device, then what will you do of APK’s file? If you do have then you can download the Apps APK’s file from Google Play Store through Real APK Leecher and later you can then transfer/move and install it on your Android device. Further if you do need the PC version of Instagram? Then try this one, i personally have not used this one:

  • Crystal

    Thank you for that link.

  • Anonymous

    what if i don’t want to give my device ID and email ID details, and want to just download and install on device.
    Is there a way or application of creating a fake account with a fake device and downloading the APK ?

    • Sorry, with Fake device ID it is not possible!!

      • Audrius Kniuras

        Does this app still work? It says “Error while connecting to server”.
        EDIT: nevermind this, all ok.

  • syuhada

    why my download become negative for several apps especially from king.com?

  • Taratra

    Hello, is this application still works? I use the v1.3.6 but each time I try to search for apk, the message “Cannot load the list of apps.java.net.ConnectExeption:Connection refused:connect”
    I use the real device ID and google account, I allowed java on the firewall setting, but each times, the error occured.
    I am on Win7 64bit.
    Please help me