Complete Guide to Root Android Phones and Tablets

If you have been searching for Android related queries on the web, you would probably have come across this term “Android Rooting“. Well, if you don’t know about this Android terminology, i will explain and define it in order to make it clear and understandable for you.

What is Android Rooting?

Everything You Need to Know About Android Rooting

The Android device you are using right now, has an operating system, which has so many features, of which, you have some limitations to control the overall features of the system. For instance, Customizing your phone features, Custom ROM’s, installing Apps on your SD Card and so on. So, Rooting is the process of getting rid of the limitations set by the manufacturers or Network carriers, in order to have full access to the settings, features and full analysis of performance of your device. In simpler words, “Rooting” is term used to describe the access to the root of they operating system, Like getting Administrator privileges. Hope so this has help you understand the Android Rooting.

Is Rooting your Device is Legal?

Yes, it is 100% legal worldwide.

What are Advantages of Rooting?

Probably, there must be some benefits of Rooting your Device.

  1. It improves your Device Performance
  2. Once you have Root Device, it lets you have more applications choices.
  3. You can then install Application on your Micro SD Card.
  4. You can have installed the latest mobile operating system on your device. Like there hundreds of Custom ROM’s available.
  5. Enables you to tether WiFi and Bluetooth.

Are there Any Disadvantages of Rooting?

Yes, there some main disadvantages, once you Root your Phone or Tablets device:

  1. It will void your Device Warranty. If you do not want to void your warranty then do not think of Rooting your device.
  2. Secondly, it involves risk of bricking your phone, if you do not have sufficient knowledge, then do not try it without any proper guide and tutorials.
  3. It may also lower your device performance.
  4. It also increases the chances of getting attack by malicious viruses.

 How to Root Android Phones and Tablets Devices?





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  • Root Google Nexus 7
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