How to change Windows 8 Boot Logo

Whenever you  start up your computer loaded with Windows , the first thing to come up is its Logo or Animation to be more specific. This has always been same nearly in every windows Os. Microsoft is always keen to make it worthwhile and look beautiful but many of the users don’t like it after time passes with the same Boot Animation to be seen every time. And yup when there is a will there is always been a way, there are tons of applications for changing windows boot logo for the previous versions of windows like Xp-Vista-7. But as Windows 8 is new to the market and all its system config is far more different than other windows versions so there are a very few Boot Logo Changer apps for it.

And for this 8oot Logo Changer is proudly one of the best logo changer app for Windows 8. Filled with huge list of beautiful Animations and logos and much more it surely is a worth installing app.

There is a bit of annoying thing about the App. During installation we have to be very careful from opting out the unwanted Apps packaged with the 8oot Logo Changer.

But still don’t worry cause below are some easy steps to get rid of unwanted software and only to install what we need.

1.First thing we need to do is to download the  8oot Logo Changer.

2.Secondly when we have the installation file just click on the file. During setup, when asked if you want to install additional tools with the main app, simply unmark that option and then make sure to click Cancel in the proceeding pop up. Even then, the setup process will try to install other bloatware, so simply Decline the offer whenever prompted.  You’ll then be asked to select a location to save the file. Once its setup file is downloaded, you can proceed with the straightforward installation process that doesn’t carry any additional crapware.



The main application window of 8oot Logo Changer carries two tabs at the top-left: Bitmaps and Testmode. First off, you need to load a new image file that you want to use in place of the default logo. To do that, click the ‘Load Picture’ button, followed by selecting the image file.



If you’re using Windows 8.1, you will also need to turn on Test Signing under the Testmode tab. Test Signing is required to force Microsoft’s latest Windows update to display a custom image, and not doing so will simply display a blank boot screen. To do that, simply navigate to Testmode tab, click the ‘Turn it ON or OFF’ button, and then switch back to the Bitmaps tab.



Assuming that you have already imported the image into the app, you can select the area that you want to capture by dragging your mouse over the required region. After that, click the right-arrow button under ‘Edited Pictures’, which will allow it to generate 6 BMP files. You can also double-click a file from the list to preview the image before applying any changes.

The next step is to generate the new ‘bootres.dll’ file to display the new logo. But before proceeding with that step, click the ‘Backup’ button to create a backup of your original bootres.dll image file. The backup file will come in handy if you ever need to revert back to the original boot logo. After taking the backup, click ‘Generate bootres.dll’, followed by ‘Apply’.



When you see the following Security Warning dialog, click Yes and then restart your computer for the changes to come into effect.



It should be mentioned here that if you have the Test Signing mode turned ON, a Test Mode watermark will appear on the desktop. To hide it, relaunch 8oot Logo Changer, navigate to Test mode tab, and click Backup shell32.dll.mui and Backup basebrd.dll.mui buttons to backup those original files. After that, click the pertaining Patch buttons. Next, click Restart Explorer to hide the Testing mode watermark.


Congratz Folks you are Done…Come back to us for more guides and how to do stuff.