5 Best Video Downloader Apps for Android 2016

Daily several videos are shared on social networking sites such as Vimeo, Gogoanime, Bing videos, funnyordie, metacafe, blinkx, DailyMotion etc. You probably would come a cross a video that you might like and want to download it so that you can watch it later. Well you can not directly download videos to your Android smartphone or tablet however there are several video downloading apps for Android you can use for this specific task. Here in this post we have reviewed several apps on the Google Play Store and have come up with the best video downloading apps.

If you have been looking for a great Android video downloader for YouTube, we have got you covered! Here is the best app you can use to download videos from YouTube right on your Android device:

Note: Apps are in random order.

Android Video Downloader Apps

Videoder- Download Videos

It is simple to use and allows you to download videos from the web. You just have to search the video in the web browser. After the search relevant and irrelevant results will appear. Choose the video which you want and click on it. After clicking the video, the details of video will appear along with links to download your preference. Clicking on any link will lead you towards downloading the video and to the default storage, where your downloaded video will be.

Features of this video downloader are:

  • Simple and understandable features.
  • Preview option. Which helps you to check the video if it is according to your requirements.
  • Quick and healthy download.
  • Supports large files.
  • Can play the video directly from the app.
  • Supports 3gp, mp4, avi, mpeg, mov, mkv and many others.

FVD- Free Video Downloader

This app allows you to download videos which are shared on internet. When the app is open, it will show the screen which has “open browser” button. Click on the button this will lead you to an integrated web browser which looks like a normal web browser on your interface. Search any video you want, click on it, it will automatically show a pop up to save the video on your device.

Main features includes:

  1. Multiple download support.
  2. Can download other files apart from videos.
  3. Support different video formats.

Easy Downloader

The easy downloader is developed by 2Easy team. This team is one of the most trusted developers. This app contains simple interface. You just need to have a web browser which is compatible with the app. Open the browser once you have got it then search for your desired video. Open the desired video and click share option. Select the easy downloader app in share options and the video will be downloaded to your device.

Key features:

  • Allows you to download large files.
  • You can pause and restart any download.
  • It is very quick in downloading.

Download Manager for Android

This app allows you to download file of any format and size. the app contains the customized web browser link with it. When you will open the browser it will lead to some quick links which will lead you to videos, music and other files for download. Go to video category or press any link, check out the desired video and press on it. That’s it you video will be downloaded onto your device.


  • Support large files.
  • Contains pause and restart option for download.
  • Speed up your downloads.
  • Contains in built video and music player.

Video Downloader

The app contains the integrated browser which helps you to search your desired videos. The app also contains a tab with favorite option which has short links to sites that provide downloadable videos. Choose any bookmark from the favorites and search the video you want to download. Click on your desired video, a pop up will appear asking you to save the video with the renaming option. Press the save button to download it.


  1. Latest version supports: mp4, 3gp and mov formats.
  2. Contains pause and restart downloading option
  3. You can also play video while downloading.

That’s for now! Hopefully you found this post useful as well have got best video download for your Android device. Do let us know and share your favorite apps to download videos in the comment section below. For more Android apps roundup and tips keep visiting.