Best Backup&Restore Apps,Contacts,SMS and Apps on Android

Mobile Technology has immensely progressed in the recent decade, It has enabled you to keep your data safe and secure on the smartphone. But then most of the time we are so much worried about Data loss on your Android, and this has been the serious issue. No more worries folks, thanks to the Android Developers who are always ready to bring solutions for your problems and issues. There are a lot of Backup Apps on Android Store, which you can use to Backup your Apps, SMS and Settings. I have come up with a top Best Backup and Restore Apps for Android users, I am sure you will find it very useful on your device in keeping data safe and secure.

G Cloud Backup

The best, recommended  and free Backup and Restore App for Android users, it does not require you to Root your device. G Cloud Backup app allows you to Backup your Contacts, Messages, Call Logs, Documents, Music and Videos files. The app is available for free on Google Play Store. The app keeps your data on Amazon G Cloud service, which will require you an email and password to safely access your data, from anywhere, any device and anytime you wish to. By default it gives on 1GB of space, but you can get more by referring others or you can buy the premium services, if you do have large amount of data files.

Get G Cloud Backup from Google Play [Direct Link]

Helium (Carbon)

Helium is another great sync and Backup app, lets you Backup your Apps and Data to your Sdcard or PC. Again this one is free and does not require you to Root. Additionally, unlike G Cloud Backup, you don’t need to have access to the Internet as it saves your data to your local memory, Sdcard or PC. However if you need more advance Backup and Restore features on Android, then there is a premium version available on the Play Store.

Get Helium from Google Play Store [Direct Link]

Super Backup

Super Backup, claims to be the fastest Backup tool for Android, like other Backup Apps, it does the same work to Backup/Restore your App and Mobile data like, Apps, SMS, Contacts, Call logs to/from your Sdcard or Gmail account. If your device supports Internal Memory, then it will be the default storage for your Backup data, but later you can change it from the app settings. It also lets you to autometically shedule your Backups at certain time intervals, so that you keep your data safe and protected from being loss.

Get Super Backup from Google Play Store [Direct Link]

App Backup & Restore

It is one of the best Backup and Restore app on the Google Play Store, you will find, to Backup your third party Apps apk files to your Sdcard. Best thing about the app is, it does not require rooted device. It also can backup your device system apps, but for that you have to enable it from App settings menu.

All the apps are stored on your external memory, so that you can use it in the future, when you need them. Backup&Restore is simple and easy to use, just open the app on your Android and check the apps you want to Backup, then hit the Backup button and you are done. You can also later Restore your backup apps by going to Archived tab , same like before just select the apps you want to restore and then hit the Restore button to restore your selected apps.

Get App Backup&Restore from Google Play [Direct Link]

Backup your Mobile

Another free  App for your Android to Backup your Contacts, SMS, Call logs, System Settings, APNs, Bookmarks and Calender Events. It simply stores your Backups on your external Sdcard, so that later you can safely restore your data. The App is simple and easy to use, just select your desire options and hit the Backup button. The same method is used for Restoring your Data again on your Android.

Get Backup your Mobile from Google Play Store [Direct Link]

Titanium Backup Root

This is one of the most discussed, recommended and Free Backup&Restore App for Rooted Android devices. Though it is one of the best free app, and you would surprise, why I putted at the last, the reason is that it requires Rooted devices, and most of the time, you will not find many rooted users, that is the reason. Titanium Backup Root app, gives you the power to Backup your Android data to Sdcard, PC or to the Cloud. This simply works like all other Backup apps on your Android, but this one is for Rooted devices.

Get Titanium Backup Root From Google Play Store [Direct Link]

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