5 Best Altenatives to Dropbox, Free Cloud Storage Service

No doubt, Dropbox is consider of the best free cloud storage service, which was founded in 2007 by two brilliant MIT students. Today it has attracted more than 175 million users across the globe who brings their Photos, Videos and Documents to keep secure or share their files on the web. Cloud storage services has made it easy for people to share files privately and publicly with your friends, family circles. With all these cloud storage its now really easy to option to save a good size of files for free. You must be aware of it, that it only allows a limit size for free, after you fill up your space, you must be then trying to find good alternatives to Dropbox. I have researched and come up with a few best and reliable cloud storage services as an alternative to Dropbox.

1. Google Drive

Google drive is one of the best and recommended alternative to Dropbox. Because of its so many unique features, it offers 15 GB of Cloud Storage to keep your Photos, Videos and documents safe and secure. To get Google Drive account you only need Google Account to get started using its services for free.

Google Drive - Best Alternative to Dropbox

2. Sky Drive

Another brilliant Secure Cloud Storage free service, proudly by Microsoft. It has a number of applications available for Windows, iOS and Android users to save your data directly right from your smartphone.

SkyDrive: Another Great Alternative to Dropbox

3. Box

Box is another free cloud storage service, is also considered to be best alternative to Dropbox. Box allows you to keep your personal and Business data securely on your account and you can share it publicly and privately if you want. Box, Cloud Storage Service allows up to 5GB of free space for free.


4. Amazon Cloud Drive

Easy to setup and use, Amazon Cloud Drive, service is best on its own place as compare to other cloud storage services. It allows up to 5GB of space for free use. Additionally like SkyDrive it allows to access your data safe and securely from your smartphone device.


5. Wuala

Wuala, may not be a familiar Cloud Storage service to you, but believe me, it has the potential to store your files safely and securely on the cloud storage. By default it only allows you to store up to 5GB of files for free. No doubt, it offers the best features to sync and share your files on the web.


Hopefully, you will find the above 5 mentioned Best Alternative to Dropbox, Useful. Note that i have only specified the free services they are offering, if you need more advance and more storage, they all provide the best cloud storage premium services for your Business too.

Do you have any Best Cloud Storage Service on your Mind? Speak your mind and share your opinions with us in the comment section!!