Do you really need a 4K gaming monitor?

Well, I have a different point of view and I believe 4K gaming is totally worth it only if you have got spare cash on hand and good hardware. A 60Hz 4K monitor at 60 FPS gives the best immersive gaming experience.

Upgrading from a 1440P 144Hz monitor to 4K is not cheap and good gaming UHD monitor cost between $500-1000 price range.

If you’re in search of a looking for a good monitor for 4k gaming. This dedicated guide will help you make a better buying decision to save your money and get the best deal.

How to choose a Best 4k Gaming Monitor?

I have been into this niche for quite some time, and after numerous hours of internet research, I have crafted a list of 13 best 4K gaming monitors. Before exploring them, let me tell you about a few things that must be considered before buying a gaming monitor.

Screen size:

Everyone has their own screen size priorities. You may like a bigger screen or small and fortunately display manufacturers take it seriously and that is the reason you’ll find different sizes of the same model. Here are the available display sizes:

  • 24 to 25.9 inches
  • 26 to 29.9 inches
  • 30 to 49.9 inches

This is pretty understandable. If you have a larger screen, you will be able to enjoy an immersive gaming experience. However, you should have sufficient room to keep it and sit at a reasonable distance from the screen to enjoy the game.

Aspect ratio:

It determines the ratio of height to width of your screen. It offers an incredibly wide view of the game. Most of the monitors come with 16:19 aspect ratio, while some of the ultra-wide ones offer 21:9 as well.

Response time:

Lower the response time, greater the gaming experience.

Refresh rate:

It refers to the number of Frames per Second your monitor can display, and it ensures a smooth experience.

Panel type:

The image quality and response time are directly affected by the kind of panel incorporated in your monitor. TN panels have robust response times, but they are not efficient when it comes to the viewing angle.

4K Monitors for Gaming 2017 Reviews:

The table below lists the 13 top-rated Ultra HD gaming monitors. Buying any of these monitors should satisfy your all gaming needs. I have included the most important features of a gaming display including; size, response time, refresh rate and price.

I have included the most important features of a gaming display including; size, response time, refresh rate and price.

On a side note, currently, the best refresh rate for a 4K monitor is 76Hz and response time is 1Ms. Also, the majority of the monitors are good for console gaming including XBOX, PS4 Pro.

 Refresh rate (Hz)Response time (Ms)Price
Acer Predator XB321HK604Check price
ASUS ROG SWIFT PG27AQ604Check price
ASUS MG28UQ601Check price
ASUS PA329Q765Check price
Acer Predator XB271HK604Check price
ACER B286HK602Check price
BenQ BL3201PH764Check price
ASUS PB287Q601Check price
Dell Ultra HD P2715Q606Check price
Samsung U28E590D601Check price
Samsung U32E850R604Check price
ViewSonic XG2700605Check price
NEC MultiSync EA244UHD606Check price

1. Acer Predator XB321HK Review – 32-Inch IPS UHD Monitor

Let’s start with a very darling and probably the most celebrated predator in the tech industry, the pride of Acer.

Its IPS display ensures that you enjoy a vivid and vibrant array of colors and it also provides a realistic view of the game. It should be noted that merely possessing a 4K resolution is not important and the monitor should itself be large enough to cater to this requirement, and this model has that capability with 32 inches screen. Well, if you do not have an extensive budget, then you could even go for XB271HK the cheaper 27-inch display. Due to the incorporation of G-sync, you will not face screen tearing, which could have been a great disappointment otherwise.

The response time is 4ms, which might not fascinate a lot of you guys after spending bucks on this masterpiece. Moreover, it offers a refresh rate of 60Hz.

Just like every hardware has some cons, this one is no different in that regard since it requires a wealth of GPU power and NVIDIA card to support the G-sync.

2. Asus ROG Swift PG27AQ Review – 4K G-Sync Gaming Monitor

Here comes the mighty UHD monitor by one of the best gaming hardware manufacturers. This monitor is laced with Eye care technology that protects your sight from blue light emitted from the screen. It has a 27-inch IPS panel which plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the screen tearing is eliminated and you enjoy an immersed experience. Furthermore, it also allows connectivity with USB 3.0 ports, Audio jacks, HDMI and DisplayPort as well.

If you love and prefer gaming on a big display then you can buy the 34-Inch Ultra-wide QHD swift curved gaming monitor with 100Hz Refresh Rate but it is not 4k!

Just like most of the monitors of its standard, the PG27AQ offers tilting, swiveling, height adjustment and pivoting functionality to comfort you for prolonged periods of gaming. It is worth mentioning that the monitor offers G-sync technology and its response time is limited to 4ms. Moreover, it also comes with built-in speakers, which is one of the foremost demands for any gamer.

However, it is a resource demanding monitor, and in order to run it, you surely need a wealth of graphical power. At times, it 60fps frame rate does not work in its best swing. In order to minimize the effect, NVIDIA G-sync comes up.

3. ASUS MG28UQ – Cheap UHD Freesync Display for Gaming

The MG series has always been a staunch competitor of ROG models, and a major stakeholder fighting the battle is their price.

The 28-Inch UHD panel provides a very solid and eye-catching view. It implies that attention to detail is one of the best attributes of this monitor. Furthermore, the incorporation of Eye care technology and Flicker-free filter ensures that your eyes (almost) never fatigue. This is a crucial factor for enhancing the value of immersive gaming experience.

When it comes to smooth visuals, it beats a number of high-priced monitors since the response time is incredibly fast (i.e., 1ms) and the refresh rate is 60Hz. It also has two USB 3.0 ports, making any external hardware operation quite seamless for the user.

Probably the only major con is that the MG28UQ does not support adaptive refresh. It means that this monitor offers a fixed refresh rate and cannot scale down according to the game. It does not matter a lot if you are playing latest and robust games, but if you are playing older games, you might be disappointed.

4. ASUS PA329Q Review – 32-Inch UHD Monitor

Here is yet another beast offered by ASUS. It has a 32-inch Ultra High Definition IPS panel which supports refresh rate up to 76Hz. This 4K monitor for gaming is laced with a regular DisplayPort, together with a mini DisplayPort as well. As far as the HDMI connections are concerned, the PA329Q caters to four 2.0 inputs.

If we talk about the color accuracy and versatility, it is one of the best products in this list which supports up to 1.07 billion colors. Apart from factory precalibrated colors, it also features Adobe RGB, which ensures that you experience a lot of details.

Likewise, monitors in the list, it features tilting, height adjustment, swiveling and pivoting features as well. When these pros combine with the Eye Care and flick free technology, the user enjoys a lustfully immersive and delightful experience.

One of the major disadvantages is that even after spending about a thousand dollars, you would not get any built-in speaker.

5. Acer Predator XB271HK – 27-Inch G-Sync Widescreen Display

With a refresh rate and response time of 60Hz and 4ms, respectively, this UHD widescreen monitor is the pride of Acer, and the reasons are pretty understandable. It has an IPS panel and incorporates G-sync technology which is a perfect combination for any regular gamer. I agree that it is one of the most expensive models out there for these specs, but if you happen to be a hardcore NVIDIA gamer with 1080 GPUs, and now you seek a 4K panel, your search ends here.

Adding more to your excitement, this model has a very sound contrast ratio of 1000:1 and two speakers are also embedded on its edges. Brace yourselves; this monitor comes with adaptive refresh rate as well, which is not available in some of the competitors manufactured by ASUS.

The look and feel are stunning as the base is designed to resemble ‘catchy’ claws of a fearsome predator.

It should be noted that if you are planning to spend this much amount, then you might not be fascinated with 4ms response time, but that is not easily achievable with an IPS panel.

6. ACER B286HK – Widescreen Display with ErgoStand

The B series is not very popular, but it has nested some of the most celebrated features in the gaming industry. Its 4K resolution ensures that you enjoy an optimum detail with HQ images. This is further embellished with a rapid response time of 2ms which greatly enhances the immersion factor for your game.

Wait, there is more to it. The B286HK has a large 28-inches anti-glare screen which ensures that the images and video sound real to your eyes. Since it provides a single working screen, the efficiency is also increased to great extent.

Moreover, it also incorporates 5 USB 3.0 ports which offer considerable convenience in terms of attaching a mouse, mobile phone, or anything else.

This is a very reasonably priced model with a refresh rate of 60 Hz. However, it has narrower viewing angles which might be a con for some passionate gamers.

7. BenQ BL3201PH – 32-Inch IPS Ultra High Definition LED Monitor

BenQ is not a very well renowned brand for gaming hardware, but this particular monitor has proved otherwise. It is a 32-inches Ultra High Resolution LED display with state-of-the-art color accuracy. This is achievable since the monitor has a dynamic contrast ratio of 20,000,000:1. Two of the most alluring features is its adjustable stand and auto pivot which ensure a fatigueless experience for gamers at optimum angles.

It also dishes CAD, CAM and animation mode, due to which, the detailing of all images reaches an entirely new horizon of experience. Two 5W speakers contribute further to the list of its perks.

Furthermore, this model is also laced with the latest modern IPS technology, together with Picture in Picture and PBP to boost up your productivity and feasibility. Monitor settings are offered with a new level of customizability including zero flicker, low blue light, adjustable stand and eye protector sensor as well.

Well, just like the most of the best 4K gaming monitors, it also comes with 76Hz refresh rate and 4ms response time. However, the product is a bit pricey and has an odd placement for ports.

8. ASUS PB287Q – Ergonomic Back-lit LED Monitor

It is quite astonishing to see such an economical 28-inches 4K gaming monitor with an outstanding response time of 1ms. The resolution is simply awesome and offers 157 PPI together with real 10-bit color. All of this helps in providing a great deal of attention to detail. In order to lessen the eye fatigue, the PB287Q comes with flicker-free technology. This model offers a refresh rate of 60 Hz at Display Port, and it falls at 30 Hz for HDMI. Talking about the 1ms response time, it leads the board for many other monitors as well. This is because it contains TN panel technology.

Apart from all this, it should be noted that the vertical viewing angles are not that great and it has a fussy OSD as well.

9. Dell Ultra HD P2715Q – 27-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor

It is one of the good gaming monitors on the list, especially when it comes to the coverage of wide color range. The factory color calibration certifies that each monitor delivers as accurate colors as possible, and this functionality is not in many niche-alike devices. Once again, you get the opportunity to adjust height and tilting angle to enjoy the best gaming experience. Pivoting option is also there to allow you to switch between landscape and portrait views. Oh wait, you could even mount this monitor on any wall for enhancing the viewing flexibility. This 27-inches anti-glare screen has a refresh rate of 60Hz.

Screen abnormality could occur in any hardware. But it ensures that the built-in diagnostic tool works tirelessly to determine whether the issue is inherent or there is any problem with your video card.

Although Dell was one of the pioneers to switch on 4K monitors, the design of this model is pretty boring, and adjustment options for image quality are also very limited.

10. Samsung U28E590D – 28-Inch Ultra HD Freesync Monitor

It is a very decent monitor with robust performance in all domains. The very first attraction is its 28-inches Ultra High Definition display which offers an immersive experience and comes with Freesync support as well. Moreover, the response time is quite efficient and is limited to 1ms only. Both of these features make it a very trendy monitor for game lovers who are on a budget.

It supports up to a billion colors, which glorifies the picture quality and provides an (almost) real World experience. Moreover, the incorporation of PIP 2.0 makes multitasking pretty seamless for you. Even though it is one of the neglected areas, but off-axis viewing causes a great deal of concern among users. Since it comes with MagicalAngle, you do not have to worry about that.

However, this monitor does not support height adjustment and nor does it have a USB hub.

11. Samsung U32E850R – FreeSync 4K LCD Monitor for Gaming

With a display area of 31.5-inches, this model offers 4K UHD experience for the regular gamers. Its response time is same as most of the monitors of this standard (i.e., 4ms). Since it carries AMD Freesync technology, you are on the verge of enjoying an ultimate gaming experience. If we talk about the overall design, it is quite tidy, and the stand is very simple but durable and elegant. It has a refresh rate of 60 Hz, a viewing angle of 178 degrees and incorporates PLS LCD panel technology as well.

The display is so large that you might face some viewing angle issues at the corner. However, in order to run 4K resolution, it is a bit smaller than required.

12. ViewSonic XG2700 – 4K FreeSync IPS Monitor

The XG2700 provides a stunning resolution of 4K UHD and comes with IPS technology as well. Moreover, it is also laced with 60 Hz refresh rate and AMD Freesync. These features are enough to gather eyeballs of diehard gaming enthusiasts.

This 27 inches screen offers a viewing angle of 178 degrees and has a very sound contrast ratio of 120M:1.

Well, this monitor is not able to beat or even rival a number of other competitors because of the outdated design. Furthermore, window scaling options are also required.

13. Philips BDM4037UW – 40-Inch Curved 4K Monitor

When it comes to robust gaming, Philips is nowhere to be seen in the front lines, but this perception has changed due to the launch of this monitor. Even though 4K screens are not easily found in curved monitors, the BDM4037UW offers it perfectly with a massive 40 inches screen.

The contrast ratio is worth noticing (i.e., 4000:1) and makes it a perfect screen for watching videos and playing games. Moreover, it has a response time of 4ms and has a very smooth setup procedure.

Although these features make it seem like a reasonable competitor of Acer XB321HK, there are a few glitches. Firstly, the color accuracy is not quite good, and even though speakers are embedded on the monitor, their quality is not quite suitable for hardcore gaming.

It should be noted that the adjustment options are available, but for a lot of people, the top edge might still be higher than eyes.

14. NEC MultiSync EA244UHD – 24-Inch Screen

EA244UHD is to NEC what the entire Predator series (especially XB321HK and XB271HK) is to Acer in terms of 4K resolution, and the presence of backlight technology that provides you with a very cost-worthy solution.

The display adjustments are quite easy to make since the bezel contains touch sensitive OSD control. This is a very lightweight model, and its size is just 24 inches, which is pretty manageable for everyone. Since it has 1.07 billion colors, you can always enjoy a rich gaming experience.

The EA244UHD comes with a vertical refresh rate of up to 60Hz and has a number of screen adjusting features to ensure that you are always at ease.

The two main cons are its price and smaller size.


It is quite evident after reading the best 4K gaming monitor reviews. You would have realized that ASUS and Acer dominates a good share of the market by offering incredibly robust solutions. However, we have also seen the emergence of smaller brands like NEC and BenQ and both of them are offering some competition to the industry leaders.

Well, in my opinion, and experience, I would certainly rank Acer Predator XB321HK to be the overall best gaming monitor. If you are not on a budget, there is no point in missing this mighty beast.

However, if you cannot spend that much money and still need an incredible gaming experience, then you should go for Acer Predator XB271HK, which nests all of the technologies offered in its expensive counterparts. This model is quite good if you are a typical NVIDIA gamer.

If you’re an AMD Freesync users, then you should go for ASUS MG28UQ, which nests all of the technologies offered in its expensive counterparts and has a wide screen of 28 inches as well.

If you do not require extended height adjustments and USB hub, then Samsung U28E590D falls fourth on my list because it is very economical and covers most of the requirements of a regular gamer.