Apple TV Jailbreak: How to Jailbreak Apple TV 2 on iOS 6.1

Step by Step Guide to Jailbreak your Apple TV 2 on iOS 6.1 Using Seas0nPass

STEP 1: First of all you need to download the Latest version of Seas0nPass for OS System Windows or Mac Here.

STEP 2: To make it easy for you, grab the Seas0nPass on your Desktop.

STEP 3: Double Click on the Seas0nPass icon to Launch.

STEP 4: choose “Create IPSW” button. (During this Process it will now downloading Apple TV 5.1 Firmware. Be Patience here it will take some time!)

Create IPSW Apple TV Jailbreak

STEP 5: Once Apple TV 5.1 Firmware is downloaded; Seas0nPass will start creating Custom IPSW file, (this would be need to jailbreak Your Apple TV 2).

Unzipping IPSW Apple TV Jailbreak

STEP 6: Now Plugin your Micro USB Data Cable into your Apple TV 2 and connect it your PC. (During this you should see LED Light Blinking)

Apple TV 2 LED Light Blinking

STEP 7: Here you will be asked to enter your Apple TV 2 to DFU Mode. To Enter DFU Mode you need to “Hold the Menu and Play/Pause buttons on your Apple TV remote for 7 seconds

Enter DFU Mode Apple TV Jailbreak

STEP 8: After a moment Seas0nPass will recognize your device in DFU Mode. Seas0nPass will then start automatic recovery fix with custom Firmware. This process is executed automatically so you don’t need to do anything it will be do automatically via iTunes. (You need to be Patience while Seas0nPass processes all the steps)

Found Device in DFU Mode Apple TV Jailbreak

Restoring Apple TV via iTunes

After Completion of Restoring Apple TV to Factory Settings iTunes will give a message Like This:

iTunes Says Apple TV Restored to Factory Settings

STEP 9: When Complete; disconnect your Apple TV 2 from your PC and Plugin the power cable for Apple TV.

STEP 10: Now all you need to do is configure your Apple TV 2; You are done jailbreaking your Apple TV on iOS 6.1 via Seas0nPass.

Apple TV 2 Complete Jailbreak Tutorial