Apple reveals iOS 7 with major changes in overall Design, Multitasking and Control Centre

In Yesterday WWDC Conference 2013 in San Fransisco, Apple uncovered the many features of iOS 7 for Mobile operating system. Apple Inc claims it to be the world’s most advance OS. In iOS 7 Apple has mainly emphasized on simplicity and user-friendly design. You can find the demos of all new features of iOS 7 on Apple Official Website.

A few major changes in iOS includes “Control Center“, “AirDrop” and “Multi-tasking” are new major changes in iOS 7. CEO, Tim Cook Said, “It’s the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone.” There many features of iOS 7 that i would like to discuss in details.

Design of iOS 7

The iOS Design is completely different from the previous version of iOS. It has completely unique design, New UI and the icons are flat as expected. iOS7 shows entirely different view with new color schemes and more transparency effects.

iOS 7's Control Center, Notification Center, and Multitasking

Control Center in iOS7

Control center enables you to quickly access your desire apps fast. You just only need to swipe up the screen and you can quickly access apps like Switch to Air Plane Mode, Turn on-off WiFi and adjusting the brightness of your screen and so on.

Notification Center iOS7

Notification Center keeps you informed about Missed Calls, To-dos, New mail and so on. It will also informed you about if today is your loved one birthday! and many more like this features will certainly win your heart whenever you have it on your iPhone.


iOS7 camera apps have also been updated and customized. Camera in iOS7 features all the shooting formats like still, Video, Panorama and so on. Just with a swipe you can capture what you want in just a blink of eye. With many new filters now you can choose filters and customize photos even before your capture your favorite shot. You can also remove filters from photos if you don’t like it!


Well sending photos to friends and family circles via email is old process of sharing photos, with help of AirDrop in iOS7, now you can easily shares photos with your friends and family members with just a tap on your iPhone5.  AirDrop powers you to quickly share photos, videos and contacts from your device. AirDrop uses WiFI and Bluetooth to share your content with others.

Siri in iOS7

With many features updated in iOS7, Siri is also upgraded with new look, sound and new features. Now Siri supports both male and female voice, so choose the one suitable for you! With many new features and updates Siri is now smarter than ever and can understand what you say, and give you quick response to your questions with extras sources like Bing, Wikipedia and Twitter. Siri now takes extra tasks as well like; Returning Calls, Playing Voicemails, Controlling iTunes Radio and so on.

Camera, Safari, and Siri

Multitasking feature iOS7

Multitasking is the major change in iOS7 as compare to previous versions of iOS. Multitasking features allows users to switch between apps.The multitasking is more innovative and smarter than before. iOS7 is that much smarter that it knows before what you want to do. To use multitasking feature on iOS7 you need to press Home Button twice, which will then show the preview of Apps that you have opened.