Android Device Manager – How to Find your Lost/Stolen Android Phone or Tablet

I know you’ve have been waiting for Google to release the service like Apple ‘Find my iPhone‘ and at last your wait is over, in the recent month Google release the ‘Android Device Manager‘ service to let you track and find your lost or stolen android phone or tablet device.

The service is really easy to use, anyone can use it and find out where your lost phone could be, but remember first you’ll need to setup it from Google Settings on your device. Also you should have access to the Google Account associated with your lost/stolen device, this is the only way to track your device. The service has also some additional features like you can ring/call your device, even if the last you’ve left it silent, it will ring, in case if the device is located near to you, so that you can locate it easily by just using the Ring option from the Android device manager. Additionally Google Maps will help you out and will give a guess of the location, where your device is. If you think you’ll no longer able to reach or find your device, and you’ve got important data on your device, then you can also remotely erase all data from your device.

In order to use this service for your Android phone or tablet device, It is recommended that you should enable these 2 options ‘Remotely Find This Device‘ and ‘Allow Remote Factory Reset‘ from Google Settings on your device. So that in future when you may have to deal with these sorts of situations, You’ll be ready for it. I have listed below the guide how to find your lost android phone using the Android Device Manager.

How to Use Android Device Manager to Find Lost or Stolen Phone

Although it is easy to use, bu then there are some requirements in order to locate or find your device.


  • In order to use this service, Make sure you have earlier setup it from your deviceĀ Google Settings->Android Device Manager-> Check ‘Remotely Find This Device‘ and ‘Allow Remote Factory Reset
  • You should have access to Google Account Associated with your Lost/Stolen device.
  • Important one, This will only work, if the phone you’re looking for is online and is still registered with your account.

1. First of all header over to Android Device Manager from your browser.

2. Log in with your Google Account, associated with your lost device.

3. You will now see the the following menu, if you have more than one device registered with account, just select your device from the drop down menu.

Android Device Manager - How to Find Lost Android Phone

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