Our Mission statement and Motto is really simple “Finding Solutions For your Problems“. We have chosen a number of topic, in which we will be assisting and guiding our users in the best and simplest way as possible. When I started blogging, I found many friends, who had very deep knowledge of Blogger, WordPress, SEO and so on and I just tried to ask some of them, to help me out and teach me something to get started with these things but I realized that they did not felt comfortable to guide me appropriately so that I can easily learn about the essentials of blogging. And I am pretty sure, you may have faced the situations. After then, I myself learned about these things through Google as my main source. Masha Allah and AlHamdulillah, Now I am good enough to do everything on my own, and there is no need to ask from someone.

Now I realized that there are still newbies , who needs proper guidance, so that they start their career without facing any difficulties, so that they are aware of the fraud and cruel online world, and do not become their prey. I will try my best to help the one who needs any help and assistance, specially in Blogging.

In our Blogger category we will be posting tutorials and instructions to get most out of Blogger. WordPress is mostly like Blogger but I would say, it gives you more power over your Blog Structure and Optimization, you will see a number of instructions and guidance to get rid of main, Problems and errors occurring in WordPress and solutions to it.We also aims to guide you with better Search Engine Optimization skills, tips and tricks, Which is I think, you should learn and is the backbone of a blog, Without doing the proper SEO and Optimization, I don’t think so, you’ll be able to get and attract traffic to your blog. We will make you aware of the latest Google Policies and what you need to take look after.

We also have included Technology section to our blog, Latest News and Happenings from the World of Technology. In the Apple section you’ll find many, Useful Apps, Jailbreak Tutorial, Unlock and Tips and Tricks to get most out of your iPhone, iPad, iPod or iPod Touch.

If  you’re big fan of Android!! Then there is no need to worry, we also have included Android Category on our blog, which will include, Android News and Updates, Android Apps, Root and Update. Yes we also have got a number of tutorials to get most out of your Android smartphones and tablets devices.