3 Apps to Help you, How to Boot into Recovery Mode on Android

Recovery Mode is commonly used terminology in Android RootingYou are often asked to enter Recovery mode when rooting or installing custom ROM’s to your Android device. Today, i have searched and collected a few apps that lets you easily boot into Recovery mode. I must appreciate the efforts by the developers that they have taken this step to create such kind of useful apps, because in many cases,  you will find users, that have problem with keys which lets you into recovery mode. These apps lets you, boot into recovery mode without touching the hard keys. Don’t worry folks, the apps are free and are available at your favorite Android store, Google Play Store. There are many apps that serves the same purpose, however i have selected the below 3 apps that will enable you to automatically Reboot into Recovery Mode with just 1 click method. Note that your device must be rooted in order the apps to work.

1. ROM Manager

ROM is the recommended and should be your first priority to use for this purpose, with many advance options. Apart from Booting into Recovery Mode, it lets you Root, Flash Custom ROM’s and many advance options.

ROM Manager: Lets you Boot into Recovery Mode

2. Quick Boot (Reboot)

Quick Boot is an application, which lets you quickly and easily Boot your device into Recovery Mode or Bootloader Mode. You can also create Widgets shortcuts on your home screen to do it with just one click.Boot into Recovery /Bootloader Mode using Quick Boot

3. Reboot Recovery

Another good, simple and easy to use, Reboot Recovery App also lets you to enter Reboot your Android Device into Recovery mode.

Use any of the above apps, to boot your device into Recovery or Bootloader Mode. Hope so, the apps serve your purpose perfectly. You can also Boot it to Recovery mode manually with different keys combinations.