Twitter News: Twitter Updated for iOS with improved Tweet Composer

One of the famous and used social media site, twitter has officially release update for its Official twitter app for iOS users. The twitter App is now more advanced than before and has tried to fix bugs previously occurred aswell with improved wider timeline. One thing about this new twitter app is you can preview your tweets before you make it tweet; which are brilliant feature I guess!

On Wednesday they annouced it on their official twitter blog, the company claims this app to tweet your photos in glimpse of six secs. Wow, Amazing but then let see if it’s come true. I am sure it will work as for the company has annouced. The twitter Official blog quoted:

“Photos: When you add a photo to your Tweet, you’ll see a full preview of your photo, not just the cropped version. We’ve also redesigned the experience to make it easy to share a photo from your camera roll: simply click the photo icon on the bottom right corner of the Tweet box. With fewer steps needed to share photos, you can more easily share what’s going on in your life and quickly return to marveling over that gorgeous sunset.

Accounts: When you compose a Tweet, you’ll see your avatar and username, giving you a better sense of how your Tweet will actually appear. If you tweet from multiple accounts, it’s now easier to select the account you want to use by simply tapping on your avatar.

Screenshots of Twitter Official App for iOS

Official iOS Twitter App Twitter Official App for iPhone, iPad and iPod

 Download Official Twitter App for iOS Here