Top Must have apps for Rooted Android

Rooting your device gives you access to data which is sealed by manufacturers. Getting root access on your Android device means a lot, it gives you so many opportunities to customize your phone using Custom Mods, ROM and tweaks which also increases the battery life on your android. Simply rooting influence the overall experience of your device. It makes your device faster and stable.

We have reviewed a number of essential apps for rooted android phones and tablet. Checkout these apps and you might find these apps really useful after your device has been rooted.


Titanium backup

This app creates the backups for your apps and other data. you can save these backups to your SD card. If you want to format most of your ROM this is the must have app for you.

ROM Manager

This app is also used for backing up your data. You can back up data from existing ROM, flash and you can also install custom themes or kernels. It offers a lot of updated ROMS which you can store to SD card.

Root checker

It confirms you whether your device is rooted or not.

Root Explorer

If you are unable to manage your file manager this is a must have app for you. It can uninstall files which you don’t use thus saving a lot of memory from your device and increasing the battery timings of your phone.


Greenify shut down the apps you are not using so they may not misbehave when you are dealing with something. This is smart app it automatically recognizes the apps which eat up a lot of memory and freezes them. It also silently cleans memory from your device.

System app remover

It uninstalls the apps which are installed from Google play store. It also get rids of bloatwares which came with your device to ultimately clean up your device and get extra storage space.

Font Installer

Some android phones come with weird fonts. If you want to replace that font you better install Font installer app.

Battery Saver

It really annoys when suddenly your battery is finished. This app is designed to give extra battery timings to your device. It automatically turns off apps which you are not using.