Top Android Launchers of 2013

I have collected the so far best or top downloaded Android Launchers of 2013. With these powerful customization apps you can bring life to your home screen and add many beautiful and interesting widgets to your home screen.

Nova Launcher

Best Launchers for Android 2013

With several highly customizable features Nova Launcher is on top of my list of top launchers for Android devices. You can download and use it customize your Home Screen for free. The app is compatible with Android 4.0+ versions. Nova Launcher gives you the options to keep your favorite apps on dock (up to 7 per page and total of 3 pages) additionally you can also change the color schemes and icon themes matching it with your combination of colors. In other words, Nova Launcher gives you the complete freedom to customize your Android Phone and tablet devices.

Buzz Launcher

Top Android Launcher

The second best launcher for Android Phones and Tablets devices is the Buzz Launcher. The launcher app lets you download, customize and apply free shared home screen almost from +21000 beautiful home screens collection to your Android device. You can also create your own custom home screen if you are interested! The Buzz Launcher is loaded with a number of useful widgets for your device like Clock, Date, Battery Widget and additionally you can also create your custom widgets.

Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher: The Best Anroid Laucher 2013

Apex Launcher is one of the most discussed Android Launcher and have received immense amount of reviews and feedback from many leading technologies blogs. With so many unique features, Apex Launcher will bring life to your Android device home screen. You must give it a try to rockĀ  your Android Home Screen. The Launcher is compatible with Android 4.0+ versions.


Top Android Launchers:ADW.Launcher for Android

ADW.Launcher is unique of all Launchers for Android devices with so many amazing features on its way to customize your Home Screen. Launcher has so far received many reviews and good feedback from its users and the best thing is it has presently got approximately 98,000 users (more than other launchers for Android). Unlike other launchers for Android it is compatible with Android 1.6 to 4.0+ versions, so don’t worry if you have got lower version of Android on your device. You can choose from thousands of themes, widgets, schemes colors available and many more features.

Dodol Laucher

Dodol Launcher: Best Android Lauchers 2013

Dodol Launcher is also one of the brilliant Launcher out there for Android users. Dodol Launcher gives you the power to transform your Android Home Screen into your dreaming world! With so many features available at Dodol will make you happy once you use it. The Launcher has gotĀ  multi languages feature enabled, so don’t worry; it might your language!

Did you like the top Android Launchers?Which is your Favorite Launcher for Android? Let us know about your choices too in the comment box.