Top 8 Fundamental Tips for Android Developers by Google

Google Play gives many options for Android Developers to promote and launch their apps on their platform. Once you are done setting up your developer account for almost 25$, but then it offers a lot of freedom to promote the applications, launch or update beta apps. I have some basic tips for Android Developers, recommended by Google which i guess will be very useful for beginners at Google Play platform.

Tips for Android Developers

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1. Improve your Account Security

First of all  improve and secure your Developer account. How to do it? Well its not that much difficult if you don’t know! Here it is how secure it:

  • Enable 2-Step verification to access your developer account
  • Many Developers starts their journey with their personal Gmail account, i would recommend you to change it to another secret one, if you want change your access account email id click here to change it.

2. Safeguard Your “KeyStore”

You would have notice whenever you wish to update your applications you are asked to login with same keystore each time. If you lose your KeyStore, ultimately your lose all data with associated applications which includes apps statistics, reviews. So it is always advisable to keep safe your KeyStore and make copy of it.

3. Check Your Developer Email Account

As a developer you need to regularly check your developer email inbox for two reasons:

  1. Google will notify about new changes to it privacy policy or news related to your apps.
  2. Your applications users can also send you messages like suggestions or any issues with your applications, upon which you need to take action immediately.

4. Read Google Policies and Guidelines

You must read, understand and implement Google policies and guidelines in order gain more out of your Android Applications. You can read Google Play policies and guidelines here. Remember by following the guidelines you can make your applications better optimize and can reach to wider audience.

5. Team Work

It will be very difficult if you are working alone. You must have a group of people to work together. This will help you to get more creative ideas and will save you a lot of time and your productivity will also increase. Once you have team to work together, then everyone should have a specified field to work upon. This way you can create highly creative best applications for Android. Team work will help you in many ways that you can not imagine.

6. Be Descriptive

Give complete descriptions for your Applications on Google Play. Like

  • Create High Quality Graphics for icons and Screenshots of the Apps
  • Marketing is essential part of your journey. this way users will trust your apps. Use Google Play Official banners. You can create badge here
  • Provide Screenshots of Your Apps for Phones as well Tablets
  • Create beautiful looking icons with Launcher icon Generator
  • Use the device art generator to create high quality marketing material

 8. Keep Up to Date

Last but not least, this is most important. Always find sometime to read the news related stories to Android Developers. Which will help you and make you aware of the Google Play polices and terms and conditions. I would recommend you subscribe to Official Android Developer Blog.

Whats Next? Well there are always more and more opportunities to learn more about your Field. Try always to find and read related articles to your niche to get new create ideas. Do you have any? We would love to hear from you! Let us know.