The successor of the iPhone 5S (What to expect from the new iphone)

Technology has always created heated debates between mankind. First there were the arms race, then came the space race but now as technology and lifestyles evolve weapons of mass destruction are replaced by Smartphone technology. The topic of conversation between two young teenagers nowadays is usually about who has the “Smarter” phone. Yes it is that time of the year when the tech giant Apple finally replies with an answer to its counterpart competitor Samsung with a new Smartphone that will aim to out perform and out function the almighty Samsung Galaxy s4.

iPhone 5S - Everything You Need to Know

The New iPhone 5S

Like every year, speculations about apple’s new iPhone start to appear on every social networking and tech news websites. With the exception of last year Apple has never disappointed its anxious consumer market and have always delivered a revolutionary and an innovative piece of Smartphone gadget on their launch day. We take a look at some of the features that might be present in the “All New” iPhone 5S.

1. Built-in fingerprint scanner :

There have been numerous reports of this feature being present in the upcoming iPhone. It is possible to see this feature being used as a replacement for the default numeric passwords on the lock screen. Can this really be the unravelling of the next generation password protection in Smartphones? An industry analyst suggests that this feature could beat its rivals to the ground on its own. It can majorly benefit business owners to keep their important financial documentation on their phone without being breached by any other person.

2. Camera quality :

The camera quality, like always, can be very much expected to be increased by a good margin since the Galaxy S4 has already set a challenging 13 megapixel bar for the iPhone 5’s successor. Predictions suggest that there may be an 8 megapixel rear camera sensor present in the new iPhone and it should be able to cope with problems like low-light and noisy footage. Rumors also suggest that Apple is capable of installing a 12 megapixel to 13 megapixel with Dual-LED flash just to set the score even with its competitors.

3. Performance and battery life :

Buyers today are very concerned about the speed and battery life factors of their Smartphones processors. It is most likely expected that Apple will upgrade its processor to either an A6X chip or a new A7 which may double the current processing power of the iPhone and will also focus on conserving its battery life. This means that the new iPhone may well be equipped with a larger battery which won’t bring a drastic change in battery life but we could expect to see a slight increase just to save us time we spend charging.

4. iOS 7 :

iPhone 5 - iOS 7 Overview


IOS 7 first of all present us with a more functional and accessible lockscreen. With a couple of swipes you can get to your favorite frequently used applications like weather, music controls and display settings. Another big feature is the upgraded safari browser which allows collapsible tabs which easily switching between them and overall it is given a simplistic look to its GUI. Photos app will also receive an upgrade which can show you your albums in a chronological order. So you may find old pictures easily without the hassle of going through each and every picture inside the album itself.

A lot of expectations lie with Apple this year. They have a lot of homework to do before they can grab their number one position in the market overcoming Samsung this year. The speculations I just made may only be 1 percent of things that Apple might come up with. You just can never predict what this innovative giant might come up with.