How to Fix iPhone, iPad or iPod is Disabled

I know you would be very desperate to have such error messages on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. It feels very annoyed, when someone or you have entered the wrong Passcode more than six times. After entering the wrong passcode, your device should be giving you the following errors, depending on your device.

  • iPhone is Disabled
  • iPad is Disabled
  • iPod is Disabled

The error could be like this on your device; “iPhone is disabled, Try again in 1 minute“.iPhone is Disabled, Try again  in 1 minuteor after applying the wrong passcode it may also show this type of error “iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes“:

iPhone is disabled connect to iTunesWell folks, you don’t have to worry, you still have chance to bring back your device into working, it only requires a few minutes to fix the disable error. Actually, there three methods you can use to solve this error:

Restoring from Backup

1. This method work if you have previously synced with your PC, so make sure you remember the PC, last time you have synced with. If yes then follow the instructions to get rid of the Disabled error.

  • Connect your device to PC, and open up iTunes.
  • Now select your device, and right click on it and choose to create backup.
  • When your Backup is complete, Now go and hit the Restore Button, and restore from your most recent backup.

If this does not solve your problem, then go try the second method to fix your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

2. This method is for those who have no any other option left, like if you have never synced your iOS device or you don’t have any Backup. Note that, it will erase all data from your device, so be careful! But then you have no any other choice left to make your device into working.

  • Now connect your device to PC, and put your device into DFU Mode, if you don’t know, how to do it, Follow this Tutorial, How to enter DFU Mode
  • Once you put it into DFU Mode, iTunes will prompt a message saying it has found your device in Recovery Mode.
  • Just click ok, and hit the Restore button to restore your device to the latest firmware, however you can also download your own desire firmware if you don’t want the latest version. Once your download gets complete, hit the Shift Key on your keyboard and click on the Restore Button in iTunes and select your own IPSW file.

I am 100% sure this will solve your problem and fix your device. If you do have any confusion or queries, feel free to share with us in the comment section below.