How to Root Sony Xperia Z (A Step by Step Tutorial)

Today, we will go through the step by steps, how to root your Sony Xperia Z, if you have got this amazing Xperia model, you probably would be interested to modify your device and use Apps that requires Root access. Probably it also unlocks many new features on your device, like you can then install Custom ROM’s, Recoveries, Kernels and much more.

The Rooting method is really simple and easy to use, or you can it is a one click root method. Using this method, within 1 or 2 minutes, you can root your Sony Xperia Z device.

Preparing Your Device

Before we move on further, to root your device, there are certain things, like Prerequisites and Guidelines, you should first know in order to successfully Root Sony Xperia Z.

  • You should know that rooting your Xperia Z, will void your device warranty.
  • This guide is specifically for Sony Xperia Z. It even does not matter, if you have got Unlock or Locked Bootloader. It will work smoothly.
  • Make sure you have installed the USB drivers on your PC. If not, then Click Here to Download.
  • With that you should also download Xperia Z Fastboot drivers for your Windows PC. Click Here to Download Fastboot Driver.
  • You should also, Enable USB Debugging on Sony Xperia Z, by going to Settings->Developers Options->USB Debugging.
  • Also enable Unknown Sources, by going to Settings->Security->and check Unknown Sources.
  • At last, you can proceed to download the Rooting Script for Sony Xperia Z. Click Here to Download it on your PC.
  • Last but not the least, You’re doing this at your own risk, If you really don’t know, what you’re really doing with your device, then don’t play with your device. (Although the Root method is so simple, it is one click method to Root your Sony Xperia Z)

How to Root Sony Xperia Z (A Step by Step Tutorial)

Now I assume, that you have downloaded the above required files and have installed them on your PC, like the USB Drivers and Fastboot Drivers, and hoping that you’ve also acted upon the guidelines as well.

1. First of all, Extract/Unzip the Rooting Script zip file package on your desktop.

2. Now you need to Connect your Sony Xperia Z to your PC using the data cable. Here make sure, that your is recognized by your PC.

3. Now head over to the extracted files, there you will’ve 4 files, for Linux, Mac and Windows, depending on your Platform, choose the one suitable for your Operating system.

Easy Rooting Toolkit for Sony Xperia Z

4. As I am on the Windows Platform, so I’ve highlighted the runme_win batch file. Now just double click on the batch file.

5. Now onwards, follow the instructions on the screen. After the script execution has finished, you can then Reboot Xperia Z.

6. Once your device, boots normally, check that SuperSU App is installed on your device.

That’s it folks, I think, it was a much easier way of rooting your Android device. I hope that, on the other side, things, went good for you and you’ve successfully gone through all the steps. If  in any case you still have queries and confused at any step, let us know in the comment section for more support.

At the end, a big thanks to a recognized XDA Developer, who has created such an easy way to root your Sony Xperia devices.