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How to Enter DFU Mode on iPhone

Posted in iPhone1 year ago • Written by Imran Aftab3 Comments

Step by Step Guide to Enter DFU Mode on iPhone, iPod and iPad

You would probably have heard this term “DFU Mode” when you are jailbreak , fixing and Restoring your iPhone. Many people get confused when entering their idevice into DFU Mode. Today I will tell you in simple words how you can easily put your iPhone into DFU Mode. The steps are very simple only you have to remember it.

Step 1. Turn off your idevice

Step 2. Once it is completely off , Push and Hold the POWER BUTTON for 5 seconds

Entering DFU Mode on iPhone

Step 3. Now keep holding the POWER BUTTON and Push and Hold the HOME BUTTON for 10 Seconds.

Entering DFU Mode on iPhone, iPod and iPad

Step 4. After 10 Second leave the POWER BUTTON and keep holding the HOME BUTTON for 30 Seconds

Instruction to Enter DFU Mode on iPhone, iPad and iPod

Step 5. After Completing Step 4 your device will give you notification that you have entered into DFU Mode

Now you can restore your iPhone, iPad, iPod from iTunes.